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Primary Colors: Midnight Navy, Red & White

Road Uniform Base Color: Grey

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Q: What are the official colors of the Boston Red Sox?
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What colors are the Boston Red Sox?

Red and White

Boston Red Sox colors?

grey, blue, red and white

What year did the Red Sox adopt the name Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox adopted the name "Red Sox" as their official name late in 1907. Prior to the change, the Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans.

What team has the colors red and blue?

the atlanta braves and the Boston red sox

Where can one find information on Boston Red Sox schedules?

One may find information on the Boston Red Sox game schedule by using the official site for Major League Baseball (MLB) or the official page for the Red Sox.

What is the mascot for the Boston Red Sox baseball team?

The official mascot for the Boston Red Sox is Wally the Green Monster. Wally was first introduced as the mascot for the Red Sox on February 2, 1997.

When were the Boston Americans renamed to the Red Sox?

Red Sox became the team's official nickname starting with the 1908 season.

Where can one purchase Boston Red Sox merchandise?

Boston Red Sox merchandise can be purchased directly from the official Red Sox webpage. Alternatively, try all good sportswear stores, or Amazon or Ebay.

What were the Boston Red Sox called before they were the Boston Red Sox?

Boston Red Sox were named the Boston Americans from 1901 - 1907.

Who is the official scorer for the Boston Red Sox?

It's usually a member of the print media.

Why was red chosen for the Boston Red Sox?

'Cause they're the Boston Red Sox.

When were the Boston Red Sox established?

The Boston Red Sox were established in 1901.

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