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5% for a good player. The chances of sinking the 8 on the break are different based on the size of the table and the skill of the player. If you get a lot of ball action, the ratio of pocket opening space to rail space is greater on a 7 foot table than an 8, and an 8 is better than a 9. However, most 8 ball on the break shots are performed without the 8 ball going off any rails, and it goes in a side pocket. To increase your chances, the cue ball must be placed nearly next to the head string and the rail. The contact point is a matter of preference, but the most recommended for the shot is slight follow.

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Q: What are the odds of sinking 8 ball on the break in pool?
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Odds in sinking 8 ball in pool?

depends on if you're planning on playing the whole game out or not.

In pool can you win by sinking the 8 ball on a break?

In many common lounges and bars, the 'house" rules say this wins the game. * Correction - Under APA rules, the largest governing body in the US, sinking the 8 ball on the break is a win. See the below link for the 8 Ball rules that govern the majority of pool players in North America.

What is a illegal break in 9 ball pool?

there is not anyway to illegally break in 9 ball pool!!

How many points does a player get for sinking a red ball in the game Pool Practice?


What are the odds of making the 8 ball on the break in a pool game?

Assuming a properly executed break, about 1/8 breaks. The odds increase the smaller the table - a good player will make the 8 ball 5% of the time on a none foot table. This will nearly double on a 7 foot table. The pockets are the same size on all pool tables in the US, so the smaller the table the greater open space and less distance to travel.

How do you earn put 8 ball off break in 8 ball multiplayer pool?

you have to break it and make the 8 ball go in a pocket (at the same time)

How fast does a pool ball travel?

On the break, which is the fastest shot, the cue ball can travel 25-27 mph. Also, that is an extremely hard break.

What happens if you lose a game of pool Without sinking a single ball?

The number of palls pocketed, or not, has no effect on the outcome at the end of the game.

In pool if someone makes a stripe ball on the break then misses there next shot are they stripes?


Can you do backshots in in 15 ball pool?

There is no such thing as a "backshot" in pool. The question may refer to draw of a cue ball or a "kick shot". In both cases, there is no limit to using draw or kick shots in pool except on the break, when one of the first 2 ball at the apex must be struck by the cue ball.

What will happen when a pool stick hits the white pool ball which hits another pool ball?

If the pool stick, or cue, hits the cue ball, the white ball, with any part other than the tip, it is a foul. If the tip strikes the cue ball, it is a shot. After that, the outcome depends on the game, what balls was struck, whether it was a break shot or in-game shot, the proper object ball, and where the bal struck ends up.

What is the fastest pool break on record?

31.2mph. The break was not made by a pool player but was practiced by a martial arts master for the record. He accelerated the pool cue from a standstill to strike the cue ball and it travelled at 31.2mph to the object ball at the front of the rack. This is 45.7 feet per second, or, 549 inches per second.

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