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Q: What are the odds of scoring zero runs with bases loaded and no outs?
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Rule on force out with bases loaded and two outs?

Fielder can step on any base for a force out.

If the bases are loaded with two outs and the ball is hit to shortstop what base does he throw it to?

the easiest out possible most likely 2nd

Who is charged with runners left on base if there is one out bases loaded and the next two hitters make outs?

that person would be out

Bases loaded no outs batter hits into a triple play with no defenders touching the ball how does this happen?

Over the fence hit and three players out on appeal for missing bases.

Does the batter have to touch first base if he is walked with two outs and bases loaded and the winning run is at third?

Yes, if he doesn't he will be called out

If you have bases loaded and 2 outs and the batter hits the ball to the outfield and the man on 3 scores but the outfielder forces a runner out does the run count?


When does the infield fly rule apply?

The infield fly rule is in effect when there are runners on first and second or bases are loaded with less than 2 outs.

How many runs should be scored when there are bases loaded 2 outs and the batter hits a grandslam home run but while running the bases passes the runner ahead of him between second and third?


Does the batter have to touch first base if he is walked with two outs and bases loaded?

I think so. Even in the case of walk, he can still be picked off by the pitcher.

What percent of runners will score from first base?

A runner on first base with no outs has a 43 percent chance of scoring; a runner on second base with one out, say one who has been advanced there by a sacrifice bunt, has only a 45 percent chance of scoring. So the sacrifice increases the chance by only 2 percent! A runner who successfully steals second base with no outs, however, has a 60 percent chance of scoring a run-decidedly better odds.

During a bases loaded walk if the batter fails to touch first base on a base on balls does the runner on third base score?

If there are fewer than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, both the runner on third and the batter must touch their respective bases for the run to count.

What are the 8 ways that runner can score from third base with two outs?

1. Base hit 2. Wild pitch 3. Passed ball 4. Balk 5. Walk (if bases are loaded) 6. Hit batsman (if bases are loaded) 7. Double 8. Triple 9. Home Run

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