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Q: What are the nicest billiards tables?
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Where can classic billiards games tables be bought?

There are many companies that specialize in offering classic billiards game tables. Online, one can order the billiards games tables from Classic Games and Billiards and Overstock.

How big are professional billiards tables?

9' x 4.5'

Where can one purchase billiards tables?

One can purchase billiards tables at Dick's Sporting Goods which also offers a guide to what to consider when purchasing one. They can also be found on eBay and Amazon.

Why are there no pockets on the pool table on the beat it video?

Pocket billiards ("pool") tables have pockets. Carom billiards tables do not. Apparently the table in the video is a carom billiards table. Whether this was a specific choice or whether it just happened to be handy I don't know.

What are brunswick billiards?

Brunswick is the oldest name in billiards and pocket billiards. They have been making tables and other equipment for the industry since 1845 and are known for quality equipment.

Show billiards and snooker tables?

I have added one in the related links

What are some pool table manufactures?

AMF Billiards, Olhausen Billiards and Brunswick Billiards all have quality pool tables. They sell lots of styles of tables in various price points so any consumer in the market is sure to find a table they like.

How many kinds of billiard tables are there?

There are really only two types of billiards tables, those without pockets and the 6 pocket tables.

If you want to open a billiards hall what is the correct size of pool tables you need to buy?

The billiards hall will not be successful unless nearly all tables are quality 9 foot tables. It is not unusual to have one or two 7 foot coin operated tables for younger and inexperienced players.

What does the ozone billiards website offer?

The Ozone Billiards website offers a large variety of game tables and accessories. Including, table tennis, Foosball, air hockey, darts, and billiards. In addition they offer game room decor, furniture, and assorted game tables.

Where did pocket billiards originate?

The game of billiards was being played in both France and Italy in the very early 1400's. There is no record to indicate which had the first indoor pocket billiards tables.

What are some popular billiards tables brands?

diamond, olhausen, presidental , and brunswick

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