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Ideally, you should have 36 players: 11 on the field and 7 substitutes, for each team. At a minimum, you need 14 players, as the game cannot start or continue with fewer than 7 players on either team.

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22 players. 11 a side. A Ball. A Goal and a few extra people for some referreing

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11 players

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Q: What are the needed players for a football team?
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How players lined up in football during start if a play?

That depends on which form of football is being played. American football 11 players per team = 22 Association football 11 players per team = 22 Canadian football 12 players per team = 24 Rugby league football 13 players per team = 26 Rugby union football 15 players per team = 30 Gaelic football 15 players per team = 30 Australian Rules football 18 players team = 36

11 p on ft?

11 Players on a Football Team or Soccer Team

11- P on a F T?

It is 11 people on a football team

11P on a F T?

This is a Ditloid. The answer is 11 Players on a Football Team.

No of players in team of football?

11 players.

Are there thirteen football players on a football team?

No , there are 11 for each team

What sport has 11 players to a team?

In the sport of American football, there are eleven starting players on each team.

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How many football players are usually on a team?

An NFL team is allowed to carry 53 players on its roster of which 45 may dress for a game. There are 11 players in a football team

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