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i think Chinese

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Q: What are the nationally known athletes?
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Who were some nationally known athletes in 1993?

Some well known athletes in 1993 are Leory Burrell, Carl Lewis, and Donovan Bailey.

What last names of nationally known athletes with the letter you?

The question could do with rewording a little. [you]Usain Bolt

What are last name of nationally known athletes that start with m-a-t-h?

Name of nation know that m-a-t-h start when athletes are last. This question makes no sense.

What are some nationally known athletes that begin with the letter L?

Larry Bird (basketball), LeBron James (basketball), Rod Laver (tennis), Lou Groza (football) and Luis Aparicio (baseball) are famous athletes.

What last names of nationally known athletes start with the letter I?

Ana Ivanovic is a famous Serbian professional tennis player. She was ranked #1 in the world in 2008.

Can you give me a sentence with nationally?

These strawberries are locally grown and nationally known.

Last names of nationally known athletes with using the letters ENGLISH?

E-Elridge N-Nash G-Grestky L-Lewis I-? S-Solsa H-Hemsky

What are some last names of nationally known athletes that start with the letter i?

Well...there is Akinori Iwamura on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. NBA players Allen Iverson and Andre Iguodala

What nationally known store starts with the letter o?


Who was the first nationally-known gospel singer?

Sister Tharpe

Is there a usage rule for the word famous?

minimum statewide known. medium nationally known. maximum world known

What is Easyway?

easy way is a drink store and is nationally known by Australians

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