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The American League and the National League.

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Q: What are the names of the two leagues in Major League Baseball?
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What are the names of the 2 leagues in Major League Baseball?

The National League and the American League.

What was the first year in Major League Baseball that the individual leagues league presidents names and signatures were stamped on game balls?


What is the ten most common names in Major League Baseball?

what is the ten most common names in major league baseball

How many independent baseball leagues are in the US?

In 2009 there plan to be 8 recognized independent baseball leagues: * American Association * Atlantic League * Can-Am League * Continental League * Frontier League * Golden League * Northern League * United League Due to independent baseball's history, any given team, and even entire leagues, may switch names or cease operations at any time. Be sure to check with reputable sources of information (e.g. Baseball America,, or similar authority sites) to get the most current list of leagues and teams.

The names of two major league baseball teams in Pennsylvania?

The Philles and

What teams do not wear their names on their uniforms in Major League Baseball?


Which major league baseball teams names begin with the letter I?

The Cleveland Indians.

When did major league baseball teams start putting names on uniforms?


What are all the names of the Major League Baseball stadiums?

Click on the 'MLB Stadiums' link on this page to see a list of all stadiums where major league baseball is played.

What major league baseball teams dont have names on their shirts?

New York Yankees

Which Major League Baseball teams have changed names?

Yankees, Astros, Expos, Rays

What are the names of the major league baseball teams in Texas?

Texas Rangers and Houston Astros

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