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can you please tell me what are the names of the college Basketball big 5 in philadelphia

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Q: What are the names of the big 5 in Philadelphia pa college basketball?
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What college basketball team is called Big Blue?

Kentucky Wildcats

WHERE did big bend community college names originated?

online college

What college do I go to to play basketball?

Louisville, Duke, U. of North Carolina, U. of Michigan are some big basketball program colleges. but to be in the NBA you dont HAVE to do college.

What are the two big tournaments college basketball has in march?

The NCAA Tournament and The NIT tournament

What is the greatest spread in college basketball?

Ive gotta go with a really big spread.

How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in Big East women's college basketball?

Maya Moore

Who has the most college hockey wins?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I seriously doubt that any college basketball team has won a college hockey game.

What are the names of Philadelphia's big 5 colleges?

Penn, Temple, Villanova, St. Joseph's, LaSalle

Does Boston college have a girls basketball team?

Yes. They won the Conference tournamet in 2004 (Big East).

Where do the Big Heads in the stands at college basketball games come from?

They started in 2001 @ Indiana University the first big head was of Bobby Knight.

What Marquette University basketball players are now in the NBA?

Dwayne wade. i think that's it, at least for the big names