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scorpion/heel stretch/scale/air Bess/lib

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Q: What are the names of stunts flyers in cheer do?
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How many kids do cheerleading?

In most cheer squads the amount of chearleaders range from 12-25. This allows stunts (with flyers, base supports and spotters) to take place safely.

What cheer stunts are legal in Illinois?

Every stunts should be legal in Illinois.

Is it harder to learn football cheerleading stunts than basketball cheerleading stunts?

If you ask me, the stunts are both the same. No matter what you cheer for, you have the same stunts, tumbling.

What do you nee to make a cheerleading routine?

Cheerleading has 5 parts, Cheer, jumps, dance, stunts, and tumbling. All star cheer does not have a cheer.

You cheer 2 game do they do stunts?

yes they do i am on a high school cheerleading squad and we do stunts for football games all the time!

Why should you eat before doing stunts in cheer?

they shouldn't they get fatter

What are words for cheer-leading?

pompoms routines stunts counting to 8

How to backspot a coed stunt?

You can backspot a coed stunt using cheer stunts.

In all-star cheer squad for Nintendo ds can you do stunts?

i don't think so

Is competitive cheer or varsity cheer more fun?

It depends based on what you like better. If u like showing off ur body do varsity cheer. But if you do varsity ur on the side lines and your not doing many stunts. Now In competitor cheer you get to do flips and REALLY REALLY cool stunts. You also have more fun and your in the spot light. But its totally up 2 u!! I do competitve cheer and i love it so much better than when i did varsity!!

What are the Common stunts perform in gymnastic with a cheer leading and cheer dance?

prep, extension, sweeps, cradle, pyramid, basket toss, triple flip, etc, etc

What stunts are appropriate for cheer leading mini division?

Thigh stand and just maybe a shoulder sit!