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There are a lot of colleges that have volleyball teams, whether it is division 1 or division 3. Some of the most reputable volleyball teams are from Stanford, Penn State, Louisville, Florida State and Iowa State.

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Q: What are the names of some colleges that have volleyball teams?
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What are some names of famous volleyball teams?

Georgia Stingers

What are the names of some famous volleyball teams and players?

Misty May

What are some colleges with swim teams?

University of Michigan

What are the names of some famous volleyball tournaments?


What are some colleges with fighting teams?

what type of fighting do you have in mind?

What are some organized sports teams of Sudan?

Football Handball Basketball Volleyball

How many colleges are playing volleyball in the us?

According to, there are a total of 3,837 colleges in the US. 2,257 of those, 58% of all colleges have volleyball in some capacity - intercollegiate, club, and/or intramural. 1,791 have volleyball at an intercollegiate, competitive level. This level includes NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Of those intercollegiate colleges: 331 are NCAA Division I 261 are NCAA Division II 422 are NCAA Division III 1,837 have volleyball at the intramural level. 306 have volleyball at the club level.

What are the teams in volleyball?

Their are always two teams involved in a match of volleyball. Each team is required to have six on the court at a time. In some cases, if a player is injured during the match, they can continue with five players.

What are the names of colleges in Delaware?

some colleges in delaware are dsu delaware state university

What are some Olympic volleyball teams?

By Olympic volleyball, you should be meaning beach volleyball. There is the Japan, Soviet Union, South Korea. Russia, Brazil, United States, and more than that.

What are some names of great players in volleyball?

Misty May of coarse!

Is volleyball both a male and female sport?

In many countries, such as Puerto Rico, volleyball is a male and female sport. Also, in some parts of the United States, they have male and female volleyball teams.

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