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Click on the 'NFL Rosters from 1920' link on this page to learn not only who some of the Oakland Raiders are but to see anybody on any team starting from the NFL's inception in 1920.

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Q: What are the names of some Oakland Raiders football players?
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How do you find a list of replacement players for the Oakland Raiders in 1987?

Click on the '1987 Raiders Roster' link below to see a list of players that played for the Raiders in 1987. All players whose names are preceeded by a caret (^) were replacement players.

What are the names of every football player on the raiders?

what are the names of everyn football player on the raiders

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Gene Upshaw is a former football player who played for the Oakland Raiders. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Where did the Oakland Raiders get their name?

The Raiders name comes from a recommendation from a Marine Corps Raider who served in WWII. There was a competition for names when the team was formed in Oakland and an original Marine Raider sent in "Raiders" and won the competition. True story.

What are the names of the super bowl winning quarter backs of the Oakland Raiders?

KEN Stabler and Jim Plunkit

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What are the names of NFL players that have died of cancer in last 20 years?

There has been many of NFL players that have died in the last twenty years, but only one is listed as dying from cancer. In 2000, Oakland Raiders, Eric Turner died from stomach cancer.

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