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um... one is the Iowa Hasnoteams. Another is The Iowa Hawkeyes

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Q: What are the names of famous sports teams in Iowa?
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What is some famous sports in Iowa?

cinthia teams

What are some of the well know sports teams in the state if Iowa?

Some of the well-known sports teams in Iowa are Iowa State Cyclones, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Northern Iowa Panthers, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Iowa Barnstormers.

Does Iowa have any professional sports teams?


What are the Iowa sports teams?

Well, I know that one of them is the hawkeyes.

What are Shawn Johnson's favorite sports teams?

She loves the Iowa Hawkeyes!

What city are the Iowa State Cyclones from?

The Iowa State Cyclones are from Iowa City, Iowa. They are the college sports teams from the Iowa State University. These sports include basketball, football, baseball, cross country,golf and wrestling, among others.

How many sports teams call the state of Iowa home?

apple juice

What is Iowa's famous football team?

Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones are the two big names...

What is the mascot of university of Iowa?

Herky the Hawk is the mascot of University of Iowa sports teams.

What is Iowa state college mascot?

Cy the Cardinal is the mascot of Iowa State University's sports teams.

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

What major sports teams does Iowa support?

what do you think. it's island bowling or football kick jaw

How many college football teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

1 drake university of Iowa

What is Iowa Sports Foundation's population?

The population of Iowa Sports Foundation is 9.

When was Iowa Sports Hall of Fame created?

Iowa Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1951.

How many college football teams are there in Iowa?

3 major (uni, Iowa state, and Iowa)

Are there any sporting teams from Iowa?

they have the Iowa Hawkeyes for football and basketball.


The most popular sports in Iowa are football games and other athletic events at University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

Why is Iowa famous for corn?

Iowa is famous for corn because Iowa produces the most corn every year.

What are the names of some colleges that have volleyball teams?

There are a lot of colleges that have volleyball teams, whether it is division 1 or division 3. Some of the most reputable volleyball teams are from Stanford, Penn State, Louisville, Florida State and Iowa State.

How many NHL teams are there in Iowa?


What is the Iowa football teams name?


Iowa sport teams?

Iowa Hawkeyes (college) Iowa State Cyclones (college) Northern Iowa Panthers (college) Iowa barnstormers Arena leaague football, Iowa stars AHL hockey

What is Iowa's most famous movie?

The Iowa's most famous movie is arguably "The Field of Dreams."

What is Iowa's All Time record vs Iowa State?

As of 11/11 The current record between Iowa and Iowa State Football teams is 38-20.