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Collin Governski

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Q: What are the names of a famoue dodgeball player?
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A old dodgeball player?

There are no legitimate professional dodgeball players.

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Missi Pyle

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What is the girls name on dodgeball?

In the film 'dodgeball' the female player for the average joe's is called Kate Veatch.

What are the names of white goodmans dodgeball team on the movie dodgeball?

There's White, his personal assistant Me'Shell, Blade, Lazer, Blazer, and Fran.

What was derrick rose before he played basketball?

dodgeball player

What is Sidney Crosby's famous quote?

he is famoue for winning the Stanley cup

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Was Jim Carrey in dodgeball?

No, he was not in Dodgeball