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Rookie cards range from 10 to 300 dollars

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Q: What are the most valuable Shaquille O'Neal basketball cards?
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Are any basketball cards from 1991 valuable?


Prices basketball cards 1992-1993 Shaquille O'Neal rookie cards?

probly a few hundred. 4 maybe. dont sell it till hes in the hall of fame.

When do baseball cards become the most valuable?

Baseball cards become valuable when they are very scarce.

Shaquille has b baseball cards and his sister inez has twice as many baseball cards Find an equation?

Inez=2b Shaquille=b Total=2b+b, or 3b

What basketball cards can you buy before Christmas?

you can buy any basketball cards before christmas.

Are old Christmas cards valuable?


How many cards in a pack of fleer basketball cards?

Exactly around 10-20 depending what fleer basketball cards you are talking about

Does Walmart have basketball cards?


How many Shaquille O'Neal fleer ultra rookie cards were printed?


What are basketball heroes cards worth?

Talking about basketball heroes in the trading card world, Michael Jordan basketball card is considered amongst the most valuable cards. Owning one of his autographed memorabilia may be worth a fortune in the coming years. Apart from Michael Jordan, you can also seek basketball cards of legendary players like Lew Alcindor and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. For the basketball card value and current pricing trend, you can visit and subscribe to the Online Price Guide. Also, you can refer to sport magazines.

Where can you get basketball cards in Singapore?

the shop!

Are any of Michael Jordan's basketbal cards valuable?

Some are very valuable - his early cards easily go into the thousands and some rare later auto cards into the tens of thousands.

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