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no. there are the Celtics which are in Boston

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There is none.

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uconn Basketball and football

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Q: What are the most popular sports teams in the state of Connecticut?
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How many sports teams are in Connecticut?

Connecticut is not known for having a professional sports team. UCONN athletics is the most followed teams out of Connecticut, but there are many development teams stationed there. In baseball they have a minor league team named the Connecticut Tigers. For basketball the only professional team is the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA. And for hockey the most supported team in the state is the Connecticut Whales.

What is the major sports team in Connecticut?

UConn has a verity of sports teams for colleges

Are there an teams in the NBA that are in Connecticut?

no, people in connecticut root for the boston celtics. There is no big 4 sports team in connecticut. Only the WNBA team the Connecticut Sun.

Which state has more college basketball teams?


What is the nickname of sports teams at Arkansas State University?

The Red Wolves is the nickname of sports teams at Arkansas State University.

In what state are the sports teams named after a fruit?

There are no sports teams, at least professional, that are named after fruits.

What type of sports teams does the UConn Huskies have?

UConn Huskies is the common name of the University of Connecticut. This University has many sports teams including football and basketball. UConn also has men's and women's hockey teams, golf, and Lacrosse teams.

Do any major league sports teams play in Connecticut?

The Minnesota Twins, New Orlean Hornets, and the Oakland Raiders all play in Connecticut

Does Arizona State University has sports teams?


What do you have to know on the state of Ohio?

That all of the sports teams there suck, including their football teams.

What sports teams are in Italy?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Italy and its team reflect this fact. Popular Italian teams include Juventus, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan and A.S. Roma

What are some of Hawaii's state sports teams?

Rsinbow. Warriors