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fotball and ice skating football and ice skating

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Q: What are the most popular professional Winter and Summer sports on TV in England?
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When its summer in England were is it winter?

Australia has Summer when England has winter, most countries in the Southern Hemisphere have Summer when England is having it's Winter.

If it is winter in England what season is it in New Zealand?

When it is winter in England, it is Summer in New Zealand.

Is it winter or summer in England?

England has both. Odd isn't it

When it is summer in England it will be which of the seasons in Australia?


How many times has the winter Olympics been in England?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in England. The 1908 and 1948 Summer Games were held in England and the upcoming 2012 Summer Games will be held in England.

What sports are popular with German students during summer and which during winter?


What is England's seasons?

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

When is it summer in England and what seanson is it in south Africa?


What is more popular winter or summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics are more popular than the Winter ones only because more countries participate, especially the ones that do not have winter like the ones in Africa

Where do swallows live in the summer?

England in the summer but live in the southern hemisphere in the winter(Europe)

What are the seasons of London England?

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

What is the order of the seasons in England?

winter, spring, summer and autumn

What was England's climate like in the Middle Ages?

england climate was freezing in winter and warm in summer

What is England's weather like in winter and summer?

just like other countries that have 4 seasons, winter is extremely cold season and summer is hot.

How many seasons of England?

Four. Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

If its winter in London England what season is it in Cape Town Africa?


What is more popular the summer or winter Olympics?

The summer Olympics are more popular because of the different types of sport. In the summer, there are more people watching because pf the hot and warm environment, although the winter Olympics are still very good.

What season is it in australia when it is winter in england?

Since England is located in the northern hemisphere and Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are opposite. This means that when it is winter in England, it is summer in Australia and when it is spring in England, it is autumn in Australia.

What seasons does New England have?

all four - spring, summer, autumn, winter

What season is it in new Zealand when it is summer in england?

winter. I think. 95% sure :)

What is the time in England bermingham?

Spelling: England, Birmingham. The whole of the UK is in GMT in the Winter, but in BST (1 hour fast - 'Summer Time' or Daylight Saving') in the Summer.

What is the differences between New Zealand and England Christmas?

it is winter in England and has a good chance of snowing and in new zealand it is summer

Where are the next Summer and Winter Olympics - after the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics?

The 2012 Summer Games are due to be held in London, England. The 2014 Winter Games are scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia.

What is the most popular sport in Adelaide?

Australian Rules Football is the most popular in winter, followed by cricket in summer.

What season is janurary in?

This is dependent on the location. In England, January is Winter. In Madagascar, January is Summer.