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Basketball shoes jerseys

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Q: What are the materials and equipments neede in basketball?
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What are the materials and equpments neede in basketball?

basketball basketball hoop extra: basketball hoop net backboard boundary lines uniforms refs chairs drink whistles clock/timer/point keeper

Officials of basketball and their functions?

performing the equipments and rules of the basketball

What are the materials and equipments used in basketball?

All you need is a Basketball court to play on (outside or inside along with a Basketball hoop) basketball (get one for dick sporting goods and if it runs out of air a pump ),and Penni's/jerseys for a game or scrimmage.For you a sweat shirt/jersey, shorts and some basketball shoes.

What tools use for testing materials and equipments in computer hardware sevicing?

What tools use for testing materials and equipments in computer hardware sevicing

What are 5 things you don't know about basketball?

4 maybe some of the things that you do not know is the facilities and equipments that are used in basketball well the answer is here=Facilities and equipments used in basketball are:=*ring *backboard *ball *court maybe these can help you in your assignments

What the organization defines the rules of basketball -specially tools and equipments?


What are the equipments in basketball?

The equipment in basketball is simple. All you need is a pair of shorts, a playing shirt, basketball sneakers and a basketball. You will also need to find a basketball court to play on.

What are the different drawing materials tools and equipments in drawing?

The different equipments used in drawing are things like pencils, rubbers,paper etc.

What are the materials needed in playing basketball?

the material for basketball

What are the materials used in basketball?

ball, court, basketball ring

What are materials in playing basketball?

basketball, hard surface, net

What is the area of Neede?

The area of Neede is 46 square kilometers.

What is the chemistry of basketball materials?


Can you get Lugia with a GameShark?

YES YOU CAN ! BUT ............. you neede a cheat coad . YES YOU CAN ! BUT ............. you neede a cheat coad .

What are the materials use in playing basketball?

Clothes needed for basketball is some type of uniform and basketball shoes you shouldn't wear baggey clothing while playing basketball.

What were the materials of the first basketball?

It was first a soccer ball

Which type of Materials used in electrical equipments?

Electrical equipment is essential for the maintenance of electrical machinery. Materials that are associated with electrical equipment include switchboards, circuit breakers and transformers.

How can you make floor wax out of plastic wrappers?

can you give me the procedure how to make a floor wax Save out of plastic wrappers, the apparatus or materials neede and the resul of it?

Are basketball made of one material?

Basketball is made with different materials that wont break for example a baketball hitting a backborad.

What is the country code and area code of Neede Netherlands?

The country code and area code of Neede, Netherlands is 31, (0)545.

What are the things or materials used for the sport of basketball?

There are many key components in basketball. The most important thing is the ball. Followed by, the hoop, the net, the backboard, the backstops, and the basketball court.

What materials are basketball shoes made of and how are they made?

made from rubber and foam

What is the importance of chemistry in military defence?

- chemical weapons - nuclear weapons - materials for other military equipments

Why is a basketball not constructed as a mass structure?

A basketball is not a mass structure because it is not made up of piled up materials. For instance, a brick wall is a mass structure. A basketball is actually a shell structure.

What are the front office equipments and facilities?

front office equipments

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