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Two players and an umpire are the main positions of tennis.

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Q: What are the main positions of tennis?
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What are the names of tennis positions?

tennis is not a sport of positions... in doubles there is thereceiver the server and two people volleying ...but these spots change between points/games

What are the positions of tennis?

In tennis there are two players, one umpire and a few ball boys/girls.

What are the tennis positions?

In tennis there is singles, and doubles. In both there is playing baseline/server, alley/net/volley.

Objective of tennis?

Basically, the main purpose of the game of tennis is to keep tennis ball play.

What are the main positions in children soccer?

the main positions in child soccer is goalie forward mid fielder and defender

Do you have to wear tennis shoes to Main Event?

you always have to where tennis shoes to tennis tornaments. that's why their called tennis shoes lol.

What are the positions in tennis?

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward and Center

What are the 4 main positions of the rak'ah?


What positions are on a tennis team?

There aren't really positions in tennis. If you are playing singles, then there isn't any. just you. i suppose if you are playing doubles you have the server who is on the base line and then the person who is either at the "hot seat" (the line that is at the end of the serving box) or at the net. So i guess that's it Well actually there are positions on a tennis team, the best players have the first positions and the worst ones take the lower positions. Sometimes bad players have to play at a higher ranking, and depending on your position you might not get to play singles or you may only play singles depending on what team you play for.

What are the main countries that play Tennis?

Nina Borland

What are the main sports in Costa Rica?

Soccer and Tennis.

What is the main goal of tennis?

The goal of tennis is to win 2 6 game sets by two games.

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