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The leg bones and the arm bones are the most important in playing Basketball.

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Q: What are the main bones used in basketball?
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What bones are used when you are dribbling a basketball?

Your boner.

What are the main bones used to surf?

Leg bones including Femurs

What bones are used to dribble a basketball?

All bones in your hands, arms and shoulders are used to bounce the ball. Bones in your legs and feet are used to move around while dribbling. You use your head, neck, spine, to turn and watch where you are going so you don't collide or get intercepted.

Do muscles protect your bones?

That isn't the MAIN purpose of the muscles... Muscles are used to move the bones, not protect them.

Bones and muscles used in basketball?

The wrist joint and several bones related to the joint (radius, ulna, carpals, metacarpals) are necessary for dribbling a basketball, in addition to the elbow joint. Muscles like the deltoid, bicep, and tricep are also utilized in dribbling. The hip, knee, and ankle joints are also key for running. Jumping utilizes the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus Maximus. The trapezius and the deltoid, meanwhile, are the main should muscles used to shoot. Other important shooting muscles include the pectoral muscles, the hand muscles, and quadriceps.

Which bones move when you shoot a basketball?

depends how much you like basketball ;) depends how much you like basketball ;)

Is a shoulder pass used in basketball?

no the main passes in Basketball are, the javelin pass, chest pass, and long pass, these are the three main passes in basketbal with the long and javelin pass being similar in that they are used to get the ball up court for someone to drive into the key.

What are the main bones used when doing bicep curls?

humerus, ulna and radius

What Main substance forming strong bones?

what main substance forming strong bones

What sport where it would be good to have long thin bones?


Why should people play basketball?

People should play basketball because it gives you lots of energy and it is a great sport for the human mind. While you are young you should play basketball more often because your bones are more apat to receive the exercise. You can still play it when you are getting of age but it is better to start at a young age so that your bones will/can already be used to it.

What are two main defenses used by a standard basketball team?

Some well known basketball defenses are the 2-3 zone and the man to man defense.

What type of technology is used to play pro basketball?

No technology is needed to play pro basketball. is skills that are important. u might be asking about technologies used in pro basketball. The main technology used is instant slow motion replay to make descisions for last second shots, last touches etc.

Where does basketball get used?

A basketball gets used when you play basketball.

What are the main chemicals in bones?

The main constituent is calcium in our bones. Our teeth which are among the strongest bones are made from Calcium Phosphate.

What type of bones are facial bones?

The main bones are the Maxilla, the mandible, and the cranium

What are the main bones involved in push ups?

The main bones are the scapulae (shoulder blades), humerus (arm) radius and ulna (forearm), carpals (wrist bones) and phalanges (finger bones).

What are the main bones used in ballet?

Ballet uses SO MANY bones in your body. Probably the bones in the legs, feet, arms, back, neck, and hips. Your pelvis and spine need to be in line constantly, so that might be your answer.

What are the metacarpals?

The metacarpals are the main bones in your hands that connects your finger bones and you wrist bones.

What is the main sport Philippines play?

basketball is the main sports in philippines

What duties of playing basketball do you need?

Main officials and their duties in basketball?

Which bones and muscles are used in soccer?

the bones that are used in soccer are the bones that are attached to the femers and shoulder the bones that are used in soccer are the bones that are attached to the femers and shoulder

What is the main component of bones and teeth?

The main component of bones and teeth is calcium. This is why it is recommended that you get a lot of milk and dairy.

What is bones on the TV show bones?

Bones is the nickname of the main character Doctor Temperance Brendan.

What are two sports where it would be good to have long thin bones?

I know that basketball is one.

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