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usually 8 minutes

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Q: What are the length of periods of high school basketball in Ohio?
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Who is the Best ohio's school basketball team?


Who is the best high school basketball team in Ohio?


Who was the Class AA Ohio High School Basketball Champions Year 1959?

East Technical High School, Cleveland, Ohio

Which state has the most school participating in the men's basketball NCAA tournament?


Leading scorer in Ohio high school basketball history?

john diebler

How many minutes in a quarter of middle school basketball in Ohio?

15 minuets

Who are the top 10 middle school basketball players in Ohio?

1.Sean Gooden

When was Ohio Mr. Basketball created?

Ohio Mr. Basketball was created in 1988.

What division 2 NCAA basketball school has the smallest number of students?

Ohio Valley University

Who is the best basketball player in Ohio?

The best basketball player in Ohio is Gabby White

Is playing basketball in the street illegal in Ohio?

no it is not illeagle to play basketball in Ohio basketball is a sport and if you play it in a controlled manor then there is no problem

Which country has the shortest school day?

The answer is Tinora in Defiance, Ohio where the length of the school day is less than four hours.

Is the University of Florida the only school to win the football and basketball national championships the same year against the same school?

Ohio State

Do you get a technical if you call a timeout with none left in Ohio High School boys basketball?

Yes, but not just in Ohio it's like that everywhere including the NBA.

What is the Highest attended High school basketball game ever in the US?

The Ohio state championship with Akron and lebron

What is LeBron's nickname's?

He has many like in high school his nickname was Ohio's Mr. Basketball and another is the chosen 0ne

How young was lebron James when he first start playing basketball?

When he was 8 years old. He started playing orgainzed basketball in high school, at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.

What scholarship did jack nicklaus attend Ohio state on?


Who was coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team not football?

Ohio State's current basketball coach is Thad Matta.

Has A school won NCAA basketball and football in the same year?

Yes, Florida did it in the 2006-07 season. They defeated Ohio State in the championship game of both basketball and football

What is the legal barrel length of a rifle in Ohio?

Whats the barrel length regulations for ohio rifles?

Where is the Ohio Basketball Museum Foundation in Springfield Ohio located?

The address of the Ohio Basketball Museum Foundation is: 1880 Pinehurst Dr, Springfield, OH 45502-7897

When was Ohio state basketball founded?

in 1892

Who is the Ohio High School Basketball Scoring Leader All Time?

3,208 Jon Diebler, Upper Sandusky (2003-2007)

When was Ohio Valley Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Ohio Valley Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 1963.