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In our teams we call then left strikers or right strikers. Other people just call them forwards as well.

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2011-12-30 00:59:53
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Q: What are the left and right forwards called in soccer?
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How Many Forwards Are On The Field When Playing The Sport Soccer?

It depends on what formation you are in, but most of the time there are three forwards on the field, a center a right wing, and a left wing.

What are the other two front line positions besides the center forward position in soccer?

left and right strickers or forwards

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What are the positions on a soccer team?

Defense: Central Defenders//Sweepers Left/Right Fullbacks Stopper Midfield: Central Midfielders (sometimes one is attacking and the other is defending) Wingers Left/Right Midfield Attack: Forwards

What type of players play in a soccer game?

There are three classifications for soccer players; defenders, midfielders and forwards. Within these three positions there are sweepers, attacking midfielders and center forwards. The goalkeeper is one of the most valuable players on the team outside of the striker and right and left wing players.

What are the 11 position ofa soccer?

If your formation is 4-4-2 (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 strikers/forwards), the positions are sweeper, left fullback, right fullback, stopper, left winger, left midfielder, right midfielder, right winger, left striker, and right striker. There's also a goalkeeper.

What is a soccer forward called?

I believe you are looking for the Striker there is also a right wing and a left wing

What are the 9 positions in soccer?

Keeper Right Back Center Back Left Back Right Mid Center Mid Left Mid Striker Each position has variations as well, such as Right Wing Backs, or Centre Forwards who play between where the Center Mid would be and the Strikers.

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Is there 5 forwards and 5 defence position possible in soccer?

yes. you can set positions for players anyway you like. games played in the sixties and seventies often used the line up of Keeper right back left back right half center half left half right wing inside right center forward inside left left wing

How many poitions are there in soccer?

There are 4 main positions in soccer: Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goal Keeper. These may branch off into related and more specific positions depending on the formation played: FORWARDS Left, Center, Right MIDFIELDERS Flat Four Formation: Outside Left, Center Left, Center Right, Outside Right Diamond Formation: Outside Left, Attacking Mid, Holding Mid (aka Defensive Mid), Outside Right *Outside midfielders may be referred to as "Wings" or "Wingers" DEFENDERS Flat Three Formation: Left Back, Center Back, Right Back Diamond Formation: Left Back, Stopper, Sweeper, Right Back GOAL KEEPER *May be referred to as "Keeper" or "Goalie

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