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You can do paintball in Connecticut. The only law is that you have to wear googles and a helmet.

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Q: What are the laws of paintball in Connecticut?
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What is the age limit for paintball guns in Connecticut?

There is no state laws for playing paintball. There are however field regulations on the age of kids playing. Most fields say 12 and older, however some allow 10 and older.

Where can you find the Australian laws on paintball?

The Australian Book of Laws

Is it legal to own a paintball gun in new york?

There are no laws or permits for owning a paintball gun.

How old do you have to be to have a paintball gun?

It depends on the laws of your area.

Are there any laws to have a paintball marker under 18?

No There is not

Paintball gun laws?

As stated by the American Paintball Players Association: Currently, there are no known laws in the US which prohibit the possession of a paintball marker by an adult. Some laws affect when and how a minor may purchase and possess a paintball marker. Most urban areas prohibit the use of any projectile-launching device outside of areas designed for that purpose. Also keep in mind that paintball markers are generally considered to be a variety of airgun (BB gun, etc), so any airgun laws generally apply to paintball markers as well. Use of a paintball gun against non players is assault.

What are the laws on discharging a paintball gun?

Contact your local police.

Is there laws in KY about paintball?

You must be 18 to purchace paintball guns and accessories. You may only use Paintball guns on your property, shooting at your property, or at legal paintball fields.

What are the paintball laws in Colorado?

Currently the only law is that you need to be 18 to buy one. Paintball is legal on national forest land.

What is the Connecticut charter?

The Connecticut Charter was the agreement with the king and Parliment that set the laws, punishments etc. for the colony of Connecticut.

What are the laws on paintball guns in Nevada?

you should be at lest 12 or 13.

What were the laws in Connecticut colony?

don't be a meany

Who made the laws in the Connecticut colony?

the but crack

How old do you have to be to work for a paintball shop?

There are no specific laws for the industry but the shop would be governed by its local and state labor laws.

Can an ex-felon have a paintball gun in Nevada?

Yes, they can own a paintball gun. The law says no firearms, but BB guns, airsoft guns, and paintball guns use air or CO2 and are there for not restricted by the firearm laws and restricted.

How did Connecticut make money?

made more laws

What laws were adopted by puritans in Connecticut in 1636?


Settlers in the Connecticut River Valley wrote their basic laws in which Covenant?

fundamental orders of connecticut A+ - reggieb

What laws were the colony of Connecticut based on?

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut of Jan. 14, 1638 is considered to be the basis of Connecticut law and the first written constitution.

What are the laws of paintball in Ohio?

Similar to most states. Keep the gun away in public, don't shoot in public, only take it out in a paintball shop or field. Do not fire towards houses. Basically, any firearm rules apply to paintball.

What are the repossession laws in CT?

Try the links below for Connecticut Repo Laws and related information.

Does Connecticut have laws about roadside memorials?

Roadside memorials are illegal in Connecticut. There are no specific legislation for roadside memorials in Connecticut. The only law about roadside memorials is that they are illegal.

What are the laws against paintball guns?

You need to be more specific. It depends on the area you live in mostly.

How did the colony Connecticut make their laws and govern themselves?


Is a paintball gun considered a firearm in Florida?

Paintball guns, BB guns, and airsoft are not considered a firearm and therefore not subject to firearm laws and restrictions (Felons are allowed to own all of these!)