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The Jersey Devil Is Said To Be a Really Dark Gray

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red, white and black.

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Q: What are the jersey devils team colors?
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What are the New Jersey devils?

not a hockey team

Who plays for the New Jersey devils hickey team?

New jersey doesn't have a "hickey" team...

What is your favortie NHL team?

New Jersey Devils

Where are the Devils hocky team located?

New Jersey

What is the farm team for the New Jersey Devils?

They actually have 2 The Trenton Devils (ECHL) The Lowell Devils (AHL)

How many Jersey Devils are there?

If you want to know how many ANIMAL Jersey Devils there are, there are none, on the team, well I don't know the answer to that one.

Who is binghampton rangers hockey team a farm team for?

For New Jersey Devils

What year did the New Jersey devils become a team?


Which NHL team represents NJ?

The New Jersey Devils.

What are the sports teams of New Jersey?

New Jersey Devils - Current NHL Team New Jersey Nets - Current NBA Team

In which town or city are the New Jersey Devils based?

The team New Jersey Devils are a professional hockey team that are located and based in the city of Newark, New Jersey. The team was founded in Kansas city and then moved to Denver, Colorado before settling in New Jersey in 1982.

Who is the coach of the New Jersey Devils?

The New jersey Devils are a professional hockey team playing in the national Hockey League, or NHL. The team's current coach as of this writing is Peter DeBoer.