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FIFA is the world governing body of soccer, and the English version of the 17 Laws of the Game can be found at their website. A link is provided.

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Q: What are the international rules for soccer?
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International rules of soccer?

The rules of soccer are the same anywhere you go.

Who created the rules for soccer?

The International Football Association Board(IFAB) regulates the rules of soccer. They were the first group to organized the rules of soccer as we know it today.

How long does soccer take in Iceland?

International soccer rules are the same everywhere.

What are the rules of Brazil soccer?

The same rules as in every country Soccer rules are defined by an international organization. for those who have never heard about it, this organization is called: FIFA

International rules of the soccer?

There are 17 rules in soccer. They can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

What is the rules of professional soccer?

Professional soccer rules are specific to the type of professional soccer being played. For example, clearly indoor soccer is significantly different than outdoor soccer. However, there are worldwide official soccer rules known as the "Laws of the Game." The rules are maintained by the International Football Association Board, and published by FIFA. Most, if not all, professional soccer leagues subscribe to these basic rules.

Did the rules of soccer change?

The International Football Association Board holds a meeting every year to determine approperate alterations to the rules of soccer (offically known as "The Laws of the Game").

What are twenty rules for soccer?

The rules of soccer is called the laws of the game

Do they play soccer different in Estonia?

No. Soccer is an international sport, with standard rules around the world. There are different variations of soccer, like 5-a-side, but they are the same around the world. So the standard rules of soccer apply in Estonia, like in other countries.

What are the soccer rules for American teams?

The Laws of the Game are specified by FIFA. An international organization that the USSF is a member of.

Is normal soccer rules different from olympic soccer rules?

no the rules are all the same

What is the similarities of french soccer and Australian soccer?

As far as I know, Australian play soccer along the rules of the FIFA (international Federation of Football Association), as do the French; there shoudn't be any difference.

What is the Law of soccer?

There are tons of rules in soccer... You can find soccer rules here

What are the flag post rules for soccer?

what are Flag post Rules of SOccer

When did International Soccer happen?

International Soccer happened in 1983.

When was International Soccer created?

International Soccer was created in 1983.

When was the first time soccer got rules and why?

What would soccer be without rules?

How soccer rules changer?

The soccer rules are made by F.I.F.A, they can only change them.

Who changes soccer rules?

not soccer

Are there 17 rules in soccer?

There are 17 laws that outline the rules of Association Football (soccer).

When did International Online Soccer happen?

International Online Soccer happened in 2002.

When was International Online Soccer created?

International Online Soccer was created in 2002.

When did International Soccer League end?

International Soccer League ended in 1965.

When was International Soccer League created?

International Soccer League was created in 1960.

When was International Superstar Soccer created?

International Superstar Soccer was created in 1995.