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All injuries apply because you could injure anything in sports.

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Q: What are the injures of sports?
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Why my team sports not be good as an only choice for your lifetime activity plan?

The team sports may not be good in the long run because of injures. This can keep you from doing it for a lifetime.

What are the negative impact of sports?

Well if you have a family you may have to be away from them if you our lets say an away game in basketball. Also you have a higher chance of injuring yourself, especially in sports like football, which you can have major injures like concussions.

What is the problem in the story The Outsiders?

jonnny is dies from the fire injures jonnny is dies from the fire injures

What is the difference between ABH and GBH?

abh is minor injures gbh is stab wounds and major injures

What percentage of Australia's population get injured on playgrounds?

According to statistics of Sports medicine Australia, one million people every year face sports related injures in Australia. That is one in every 17 Australians. This is about 5 percent of total population.

In what sport do you hear the term 'WIPEOUT'?

This is primary surfing term, but now it's used in many sports and means a crash which looks spectacular but typically not causes serious physical injures

What is the sport with the most injures?


How can you help prevent muscle injures?

to do warmups and exercises

A word that means substance that kills or injures?


Can a healthy diet help you to recover from injures?


What is a substance that kills or injures is called?

i think poison

Is there anything reality is in WWE?

some injures are real

What injures does Bella have from James attack?

She has the bite on her wrist.

What do you do when a dog injures his eye?

Get it checked out at the vets <3

Did Isabella bird have any injuries?

Rock injures

What do you call injures with a knife?

Knifewounds, stabwounds, cuts, nicks.

Does Clorox kill bedbugs?

no it injures them but only some will die

What fraction of football players have rib injures?


How many injures in Haiti?

around 300,000 injuries were reported

What are the most harmless injures you can get in the Vietnam war?

A stubbed toe.

How can damage injures and deaths can be limited from a hurricane?

it can killl youuu

Decreased blood flow to cardiac muscle that only injures the tissue creates a condition known as what?

Myocardial infarction is the decreased blood flow to cardiac muscle that only injures the tissue.

What are the most common outfield baseball injuries?

There are many of injures you can get playing outfield in baseball. The most common injures people get are broken bone, running into each other and busted lips.

Who died from injures sustained in a duel and signed constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

What happens when bacteria injures host cells?

The host cell then will die.