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Q: What are the highest batting averages in a season at Fenway Park?
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When did a walk count as hit?

Neither. It is recorded as a "hit by pitched ball". The batter is not charged with an "At Bat", and is awarded first base, all other runners, if forced, advance one base, if not forced they remain on the base they occupied. The ball is declared "dead" by the umpire and baserunners may not advance unless forced.

What are the highest batting averages for the 2008 MLB season?

Chipper Jones won the 2008 National League Batting title with a .364 batting average, and Joe Mauer won the 2008 American League batting title with a .328 batting Average.

Roger hornsby highest batting average?

Roger Hornsby highest batting average in a season was .424 in 1924.

What year was Derek Jeter's highest batting average?

Derek Jeter's highest batting average was .349, it was the 1999 season.

What was George Brett's highest batting average in a season?

.390 in 1980

Were walks considered hits in figuring batting average in before modern-era?

Only in one season, 1887. Walks counted as an at bat and a hit. The three highest batting averages in MLB history were recorded during the 1887 season. Tip O'Neill - .485 Pete Browning - .457 Bob Caruthers - .456 All three of the players above played in the American Association. The highest batting average in the National League in 1887 was Cap Anson at .421. Calculating the batting averages of the four players above using today's standards: Tip O'Neill - .435 Pete Browning - .402 Bob Caruthers - .357 Cap Anson - .347

How can a baseball player have the highest percentage batting average the first and second half of a season yet still not have the highest for the total season?

because the world series

Does the Philadelphia Phillies have the highest batting average?

As of the 7th game in the 2011-2012 season the phillies are in 1st in batting average batting .337

Who does Ramprakash play for?

Mark Ramprakash has just had a superb season since joining Surrey from Middlesex.He has finished top of the first class batting averages, scoring 2026 runs in 15 games,averaging 101.30 including 10 centuries with a highest score of 266.

What was Roberto clementes highest season batting average?

Clemente hit .357 for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1967, his highest batting average in any one season during his career. Incidently, the Pirates finished 6th in the 10 team National League that season with an 81-81 record.

Who holds the Angels record for highest single season batting average?

That would be Darren Erstad, who batted .355 in the 2000 season.