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Football will build your leg strength and increase your concentration span. It is a great way to get in shape. Answer Football builds up strength and endurance in every part of your body. It increases your cardiovascular muscles and decreases your resting heart rate. You also become more balanced by learning different techniques and increases the dexterity in your big stinky feet. Answer From my experiences football is a very recreational sport that one have to be fit to play. I always played forward and its not easy but its a lot of fun. Answer Soccer is a sport of constant motion, with the exception of when the ball is out of bounds, it is a game that is about 90% mental and 10% physical. its easy to just kick a ball around but if you start at an early age you can help your concentration skills...however if you don't have the natural talent you are going nowhere regardless of practice. Also it is a great physical work out, it helps develop your leg muscle and also helps to increase your stamina through vigorous sprints and skill drills. Answer football is healthy for you if you actually play it, instead just kicking a football around. Answer football gives you a cardiovascular workout while working on stamina, strength and endurance. You can build a team spirit and have fun at the same time. It is 90% mental and 10% physical. You can kick the ball around, but it's your mind doing all the work. So through soccer you can build concentration, which really helps if you start young. Answer Whoever thought of the "90% mental and 10% physical" is not correct. It is around the other way ... Answer It is not your mind doing all of the work in football. You have to run around non-stop in football. Your body does way more than your mind. Answer football helps build up respiratory endurance and when you are more active your resting heart rate lowers. So in at least 4 weeks you should tell the difference in your resting heart rate. Also seriously whoever made up the 90% mental and 10% physical is totally wrong it is more like 85%Physical and 15%mental. Answer I've played football before and it is indeed physical. You need to pay a lot of attention throughout in the game. Answer It's true that soccer's 90% mental and 10% physical. If you didn't have the mental part in football you would suck. Plain and Simple. I know this because I've been playing my whole life.

Football require endurance - you can run 14k in a game - but really its based on sheer skill, hence although many American players are supremely fit; none have ever truly made it as only American goalkeepers have been a success in top football leagues such as EPL.

While nfl Gridiron is all about 5 second plays, then getting a rest...and an average actual playing time of 12 minutes in a game,... Football is 90 minutes with over 70 minutes actual playing time so you cant carry fat in football like you can in nfl Gridiron where a 2005 medical analysis found 56% are clinically obese

The benefits are speed, endurance, and quickness. You only get these if you work hard for example run and jump rope.
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Q: What are the health and physical benefits of playing Football?
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