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Oh, that's exactly what i want to ask!

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Q: What are the good points advantages of playing team sports?
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Is homework good for sports?

Yes, homework helps teach you responsibility, which is good for playing sports.

Why is sports relief a good idea?

Because you get a natural high from playing sports.

What are the disadvantages of sports in Ghana?

This disadvantage of playing sports in Ghana is that it is quite a poor country and does not have very good playing fields.

Why is playing sports good for your heart?

So you can have it later

What are skill points in Wii sports?

Basicly Skill Points are how good you are in a Sport. If you Manage to get 1,000 Skill Points you reach PRO ranking

How is money involved in sports?

By playing good game you can earn good money

Does advantage mean a good point of something?

Exactly; when you consider the advantages and the disadvantages of anything (let us say, driving cars) you are talking about the good points (it gets you to your destination very efficiently) and the bad points (it contributes to air pollution and global warming). Advantages are the good points, the desirable features.

What are the good and bad benefits of playing sports?

U can get the girls

What are the advantages of skates?

ice skates or roller skates? both sports are good for your legs.

Why is playing sports in school good?

You keep fit and if your good you might get a collage scholarship to a good university.

How does sportsmanship affect sports?

Sportsmanship affects sports positively. Good sportsmanship makes players feel good about themselves and their efforts. This causes people playing those sports to feel good about each other.

Is there a connection between sports and healthy eating?

Yes, you need a good nutritional diet to pase yourself while playing sports and running. Eating healthy can help you a lot while playing sports.

Is sports really good for us?

yes it is you exercise while you are playing

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

Does playing with a good team make you better?

Maybe, depending on the sport. But in most sports, playing against good teams makes you better.

What are the advantages of information technology in sports?

If you can't measure it, you can't train it might be a good answer to this question.

Will women be as good as men at sports?

It depends on the sport and the person playing the sport.

How much do men get playing professtional sports?

it really depends on what sport and how good they are...

What sports are in Wii Sports?

There's golf,bowling,boxing,and tennis. i have got it at home, and its a good game when your having a party, but its still a good game if your playing byself :)

Is playing sports fun write topic sentence?

I love playing all sports.

Do high school sports improve grades?

No, but it is good to show that you have done activity's like sports on your record. But they do not improve grades be playing them.

What are the benefits of sports and games?

it helps to maintain good health ,playing sports reduce for body fat and control your body weight

What is a good hobby that doesn't include any sports?

a good hobby is playing card such as 21 ( black jack)

Do kids that play sports have good math grades?

well it depends on how good your child at math is. i don't think tat playing sports really helps your child. and that is what i think.

What are good points for using fleece for a hat?

It is warm and comfortable. you can use the hat for most winter sports to!

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