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The fundamentals are the basic skills of Basketball that make up the two aspects of the game: offense and defense.

Basic offensive fundamentals are dribbling (bouncing the ball with your fingertips), passing (there are bounce passes and chest passes, where the ball does not touch the ground), and shooting (which takes a lot of practice to do well).

The basic defensive fundamentals are guarding an opponent (keeping him or her from dribbling, passing, or shooting), and moving on the court.

To learn these fundamentals very well, the best thing to do is find a skilled instructor to teach you. There are books, articles, and websites that do a good job describing these, but a real live instructor is best.

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Q: What are the fundamentals of basketball?
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What do you have to do before you make it to basketball?

you have to learn all of the fundamentals of basketball and you have to be good.

Why is basketball fundamental to basketball?

belive it or not basketball is all about being smart with the ball which comes with fundamentals

What is an important aspect for basketball?

fundamentals are important aspects of basketball. the 58 basic fundamentals are: shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, and passing. master these and you will be on your way to being a great player.

Fundamentals of basketball?

Offence DefenceBoxing Outdribbling

What education and training do you need to play basketball?

You need to know the fundamentals.

How do you perform basketball skills?

The fundamentals of basketball are the MOST important thing to master because they will make you and your team better no matter what age level or team you play for. There's a good reason that the best college and NBA basketball coaches in the world spend the majority of their practices on fundamentals.

What to do before a basketball game?

Warm-up, stretch, think about basic fundamentals.

What is team work basketball youth?

Learning the basic fundamentals for all players to work as a team to become better basketball players.

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What is a good site online to watch free basketball training videos?

Youtube has some great basketball training videos. There are videos focusing on fundamentals as well as dunking and ally-oops!

What are the fundamentals of dribbling a basketball?

The best way to learn how to dribble a a basketball and dribble it anytime you get the chance. Try to dribble with your FINGERS and when you get comfortable learn to dribble with BOTH hands with HEAD UP but this takes a few years to perfect. Good luck....a wonderful sport.

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You work hard on your basketball skills and fundamentals just like with any aspirations to become a professional athlete. I disagree! you have to be good, play on a college team, do awesome at a basketball game that a scout is watching, and get them to recommend you to the WNBA! After that you get rich and famous.

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u wont miss practice, u will work hard, u have fundamentals, and u try hard

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To be a good basketball player one need to be good in the speed, power, agility, running and quickness. These are the fundamentals that train your body to be a better player in basketball. Whereas, when you complete these skills there comes specific things for basketball such as ball handling, defense etc. If you consider MJ he was a marvellous dunker and a great shooter.He also had good awarness where everyone was so he could complete all the things he did

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