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In tennis, the four major grand slam events are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open.

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Q: What are the four major grand slam events?
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Grand slam in tennis does player have to win US French Australian Wimbleton opens Or just one If he wins e.g. at Wimbleton but loses the others has he still won a grand slam?

Winning a Grand Slam means the player has won all four events in the same calender year. The four all called 'Grand Slam Events' so if a player wins one of they you could say they have won a Grand Slam Event. But to win the Grand Slam, they must win all four in one calender year.

How many grand slams available for tennis?

a grand slam. it represents the four largest events of the season. wimbledon, us open and two others. to win a grand slam, you must win all four. so only 1 grand slam is available per year.

What is a Tennis Grand Slam Title?

A "grand slam" can mean two different things in tennis. Most people consider a "grand slam title" winning one of the four majors (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open) However, it can also mean winning all four of these events. If this is done during one season, it is most often referred to as a Calendar Slam (but can also be called a Grand Slam) and if a player wins all four of these events over the course of their career, it is accordingly called a Career Slam. Both are very rare.

Has Venus Williams won any Grand slams?

As of Wimbledon 2008, Venus Williams has won 8 Grand Slam singles titles and 6 Grand Slam doubles titles but never all four Grand Slam events in the same year.

Tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times?

Steffi Graf

The only tennis player to win each of the four grand slam events at least four times?

Stefi Graff

Is it a tennis grand slam if you win all four tournaments continuously but not in the same year?

A true Grand Slam in tennis is when a player wins all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year. Otherwise it is just a career Grand Slam, and not a true Grand Slam.

What are the four grand slam tennis events?

Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open

Which four events did Tiger Woods win to complete the Grand Slam by the age of 23?

The career grand slam in golf is The Masters, The US Open, The Open and The USPGA Championship. But he was 24 when he completed it. (The youngest in history)

List the four Grand Slam events in tennis?

Australian open, french open, Wimbledon, us open

Which year did Roger Federer win his seventh grand slam?

Roger has never won a Grand Slam. A Grand Slam consists of winning all 4 Major events - Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open and US Open - in the one calendar year. Only two males have ever achieved it: Rod Laver [twice] and Donald Budge. If one wants to speak of one of the events, the reference would be a "slam" or "Grand slam event"

What is it called when a player wins all four Grand Slam events and the Olympics gold medal in tennis?

A tennis player who wins the tennis Grand Slam and an Olympics gold medal in the same calendar year would be referred to as having won a "Golden Slam".

How many grand slam events has greg rusedski won?

Greg Rusedski has never won a Grand Slam Event.

Why do they call some tennis tournaments slams?

The four major tennis tournaments; the US Open, the Open Championships(wimbledon), Roland Garros (French Open), and the Australian Open are known as the Grand Slam of tennis. Hitting a grand slam in baseball scores four runs and is the greatest accomplishment a baseball player can achieve during one at bat. Likewise, winning the Grand Slam of tennis involves winning four tournaments and is considered the greatest accomplishment in tennis. Because "tournament which makes up part of the Grand Slam of tennis" is so long it is usually shortened to "Slam".

What are the four grand slam tournments in tennis?

The four grand slam tournaments are as follows: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open.

Which four events make up a grand slam in tennis?

I think it's US Open French Open Australian Open Wimbeldon

Top grand slam tennis mens grand slam winners in history?

The four most important tennis tournaments of the world are called Grand Slam tournaments. They are: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Any player who wins these four tournaments in a row is said to have won the Grand Slam.

What is a tennis 'Grand Slam' and Who has won Grand Slams?

In the world of 'official tennis', there are four 'major' tournaments around the world: Wimbledon, in UK, the French Open, US Open and Australian Open. A person who wins all four of these tournaments in a calendar year has won the Grand Slam. Sometimes each of these events is referred to as a 'Grand slam event' - so the terminology used by some writers and journalists is not always specific enough to be certain exactly what they are referring to unless the reader knows something of the history of these events. As to those who have won them, I will just refer to singles events, though doubles and mixed-sexed doubles also have to be considered to give a complete answer. In terms of males, Rod Laver has won two: 1962 and 1969. He is the only player to have done so. Don Budge was the first to win the Grand Slam in the 1930's. These are the only two male players to ever win the true Grand Slam. In terms of female players, only Maureen Connolly, Margaret Court and Steffi Graff have won the Grand Slam.

What are the four major professional tennis tournaments?

The four major professional tennis tournaments consist of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These four major tournaments are considered the "Grand Slam" tournaments. The Australian Open is the first of the four to be played each year, with the event occurring in the second half of January. The French Open is the second Grand Slam to be played, and it occurs around late-May to early June. Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam of the year, takes place shortly after the French Open. It occurs from late June to early July. The US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam to take place each year. The only Grand Slam played on US soil, it takes place from late August to the first half of September.

How grand slam tournaments has Murray played?

Including the 2009 US Open, Andy Murray has played 16 Grand Slam events.

Who hit the first grand slam in Major League Baseball?

Roger Connor hit the first Grand Slam in 1981

What are the 4 grand slams in golf?

The four major championships in golf are The Masters, US Open, The Open and US PGA Championship. If a player wins all four in one year, it is known as the Grand Slam.

How do you win a tennis grand slam?

Whenever you win the four majors in one year calendar, then it is said that you won a Grand Slam.

How many grand slams has Pete Sampras won?

While winning 14 grand slam titles, Pete Sampras has never won all four grand slam events. He has won Wimbledon 7 times, the U.S. Open 5 times, and the Australian Open twice. He has never won the French Open.

What cities host the four events of the tennis Grand Slam?

The four yearly Grand Slam Championships are held in the following cities: Australian Open - Melbourne French Open/Roland Garros - Paris Wimbledon - London US Open - New York City