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High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault

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Q: What are the four jumping events?
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What are four jumping events?

They are long jump high jump triple jump and pole vault by shrimpier

What winter Olympic events are only open to men?

Ski Jumping, Four man Bobsleigh, Doubles Luge

What is throwing and jumping events?

Some throwing events are Shot Put and Javelin. Some jumping events are Long Jump and High Jump.

What are equestrian events in Olympics?

The events are Dressage,Eventing,and Jumping.

What are the three jumping events in the Olympics?

The three events that include jumping are: * long jump * high jump * hurdles race

What is the example of jumping events?

If you mean jumping events in the olympics a few examples are Long jump Standing long jump Triple jump There are quite a lot of gymnastic events that involve jumping but I dont know the names, if you type in Jumping olympic events into google your probably get a list, hope this helps

What are the four types of jumprope?

The four types of jump rope are speed jumping, freestyle jumping, artistic jumping, and endurance jumping. Go to for information about these styles.

Which Standard athletic competitions include four jumping events long jump high jump pole vault and which other?

Triple Jump

Classify throwing and jumping in track and field game?

Throwing Events: Javelin, Discus, Hammer, Shot Put Jumping Events: High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump Assisted Jumping Events: Pole Vault Note: Track events that utilize jumping would be hurdles races (100 m, 110 m, 400 m) and the steeplechase.

What term for running and jumping events?

Track and Field

What is the goal in horse jumping events?

the goal in horse jumping events is to get around the course in the correct order in the smallest amount of time with the smallest number of faults.

Which Standard athletic comp includes four jumping events long jump high jump polevault and which othre?


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