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The four events are: short program, long program, freestyle, expedition.

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Q: What are the four events in Figure Skating?
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What are the four figure skating events?

Mens figure skating, womans figure skating, pair skating, and dance skating.

What are the 4 events in Figure Skating?

mens figure skating, womans figure skating, dance skating, and pair skating

How many Winter Olympic events are indoors?

There are four Winter Olympic events that are held indoors. They are speed skating, figure skating, curling and ice hockey.

How many judges in figure skating?

There are four judges in figure skating.

When do some figure skating events take place?

winter Olympics

What are the most watched events in the winter Olympics?

Women's figure skating.

What were the women's events at the 1908 Olympics?

Archery, figure skating and tennis

What are the three types of figure skating events?

pairs ladies mens dance

What are the four indoor winter olympic sports?

Speed skating, figure skating, curling, and ice hockey.

What are four indoor winter Olympics sports?

Speed skating, figure skating, curling, and Ice Hockey.

How do you spell figure skating?

Figure Skating.

How many countries participated in figure skating events in the 2006 Winter Olympics?


What sports were played in the winter Olympic sports?

Bobsleding, Lusing , different ski events/challenges, speed skating, figure skating

How many medals has figure skating in the Olympics in all?

There are 4 figure skating events: Men's Singles, Woman's Singles, Pairs, and Ice Dancing. With 3 medals( Gold, Silver, Bronze) for each of those events there are 12.

What are the sports played in the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver?

There is: Alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice Hockey, luge, nordic combined, short track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, speed skating. Note that each sport has different events i.e. figure skating contains pair figure skating, women's figure skating, men's figure skating, and ice dancing.

Where did figure skating originate?

Figure skating originated in Poland.

Where was figure skating invented?

=Figure Skating Was Invented In England.=

When did figure skating start?

Figure skating started in 1872 .

How does the scoring system for figure skating work?

figure skating

How do you use figure skating in a sentence?

I love figure skating!!

What are the four events in figurs skating?

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Is there a another word for Figure skating?

Most people call it figure skating, but figure skating can be referred to as the more vauge term, ice skating.

How many women competed in the 1928 winter Olympics?

28, all in figure skating events.

What Olympic events has a judge?

boxing judo figure skating gymnastics ice dance diving

Who are four atheletes in figure skating?

Four Figure Skaters are Joannie Rochette, Patrck Chan, Sasha Cohen, and Kurt Browning (does not compete anymore)