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Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz.

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Q: What are the four NBA teams that do not end with a s?
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What 3 nba teams do not end with an s?

Heat Thunder Jazz Magic ... so there are actually four.

Nba teams not ending in s?

There are only 3 NBA basketball teams that don't end in s. Which are Heat, Magic, and Jazz. I see that that others have thought of the OKC THUNDER, but what about WNBA: (lets not forget the girls out there) Which includes the Minnesota Lynx!!

What are the 4 NBA teams that do not end in S?

There are only 3 ... Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat. and....the Oklahoma Thunder buddy. There are 4.

How many teams in the NBA in 1950's?

Number of teams: 11 (10 midway through the season)

What is NBA draft?

a mock draft is an attempt by the author(s) to forecast which players the teams of a given league (the nba in this case) will draft

What are the 3 baseball teams not ending in s?

There are only two teams that end in a letter other than an "s": The Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. All other teams end in an "s" because it is plural.

What Video Games Are NBA legends in?

On the NBA 2k games you can play as the 60's 70's 80's and 90's all stars. I know these teams have legends such as Larry Bird and Micheal Jordan, so I hope that helps.

What NBA teams does not have the letter s in their name?

Oklahoma City Thunder Utah Jazz Miami Heat Orlando Magic

What 3 nba basketball team names do not end with an s?

there are 4 NBA team names that do not end in the letter "S" 1) Orlando Magic 2) Miami Heat 3) Utah Jazz 4) Oklahoma City Thunder

What are the 4 basketball teams that not end with s?


What hockey teams don't end in s?

{| ! Sport |} {| ! Team Name |} MLB Boston Red Sox MLB Chicago White Sox NBA Miami Heat NBA Orlando Magic NBA Utah Jazz NBA Oklahoma City Thunder NHL Colorado Avalanche NHL Minnesota Wild NHL Tampa Bay Lightning MLB Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

NFL teams not ending in the letter S?

There isn't an NFL team that does not end in s.