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NFL (national football league)

NCAAF (College Football)

XFL (X-treme football---banned)

AFL (Arena football league)

UFL (United Football league)

CFL (Canadian Football League)

EFL (European Football League)

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Q: What are the football leagues in America?
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Is there other pro football leagues other then the NFL?

No football is only in America

When was Association of Professional Football Leagues created?

Association of Professional Football Leagues was created in 1946.

When did Association of Professional Football Leagues end?

Association of Professional Football Leagues ended in 1948.

Does south America have a pro football team?

There are professional football (soccer) leagues in many countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Equador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela). There are no professional American football teams in South America.

What is European Professional Football Leagues's motto?

European Professional Football Leagues's motto is 'Great Football makes Great Things'.

Are there any girl football leagues?

Yes - professionally in America there's just the WPS besides the olympic teams and in England I know there's women's premier leagues as well.

What are the leagues called in Australian football?

Exactly that: leagues. There is the AFL (Australian Football League), and some lower level leagues: SANFL (South Australian National Football League), WAFL (West Australian Football League), VFL (Victorian Football League), etc.

Do they have girl leagues in football?


How many football leagues are there in the UK?

the league in the football is 35

Is there such a thing as girl football?

Yes, there are girls' football leagues.

Where can football tables for Premier Leagues be found?

You can find football tables for Premier Leagues from a couple of places. The most popular place where you can get a football table is from Sky Sports.

Football Leagues outside U.S.?

in Canada

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