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Some sports in Nevada are mostly College Sports because nevada has no major professinal team. UNLV football Basketball is fun to watch same with the university of nevada football and basketball,

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Q: What are the famous sports from Nevada?
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What are the sports teams of Nevada?

the nevada sasquatchins

What is Nevada's professional sports team?

The US state of Nevada does not have a professional sports team.

What are nevada's sports teams?

No Professional sports.

Famous explorers in the state of Nevada?

there are no famous explorers in Nevada

What was Nevada famous for?

It is famous for Las Vegas and by the cities in Nevada.

Who was the famous author of Nevada?

The famous author of Nevada is Mark Twain.

What are some sports teams from Nevada?

Nevada doesn't have a professional sports team. Their college teams are the UNLV Rebels and the University of Nevada Wolf Pack.

What is Nevada's most famous city?

Las Vegas is the most famous city in Nevada.

Why is Eva Adams famous in Nevada?

she was a singer in nevada

What are sports teams from Nevada?

If you are talking about national sports no college yes

Does Nevada have amateur sports?

yes of corse

What states have sports betting?

Nevada is the only state with sports books and true sports betting.

What are some popular sports in Nevada?

Many of the sports in Nevada is the same as any other American State.But what do i know i live in Dundee,Scotland

Who was Jack Kramer from Nevada?

He was a famous people form Nevada..... =) <3

What are the famous sports that people most play in Nevada?

Andre Kirk Agassi tennis Las Vegas,Jack Kramer Tennis Las Vegas

What famous people live in Nevada?

Celine Dion has a home in Nevada. Some other famous people that live in Nevada are Gladys Knight, and Criss Angel.

Who are people that are famous in Nevada?


What is the most famous food in Nevada?


Which state famous tobbaco?


What is famous about Nevada?

las Vegas

Famous products in Nevada?


What is a famous food from Nevada?


Who are Nevada famous people?


What famous landmarks are in Nevada?

The most important landmark that Nevada has is the Hoover Dam

What is one of Nevada's famous college?

UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)