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90 feet between the bases, 60 feet, 6 inches from pitcher's mound to home plate.

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Q: What are the exact measurements for a baseball field?
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What are the exact measurements from foul pole to foul pole on a baseball field?

it is different for every field

What is the exact measurements of a football field?

An American football field is 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide. == ==

What are the exact measurements of a lacrosse field?

the exact measurement is 30m wide and 160m long P.S. If you love lacrosse you should know this

What are the exact measurements for an Olympic-size football field?

105 × 69 m (344 × 226 ft)

What are the exact measurements of a football field?

100 by 50 yards (if you mean soccer) but there is some flexibility in the rules.

How are measurements used in construction?

The construction field use scales as measurements for the exact calculation of distance and deepness in every materials. The measurements are use to create a well calibrate construction who will stand the test of time.

For what reasons is physics considered as an exact science?

An exact science is a field of science that rigorously tests its hypothesises with precise experiments, predictions and measurements. For this reason, both Physics and Chemistry - but not biology - are considered as exact sciences.

Track and field measurements?

In track and field, measurements are done in meters.

How far is the pitcher from the catcher in10 year olds baseball?

Little League Baseball Field measurements from the Pitcher's Rubber to Home Plate is 46 feet.

What are the exact measurements from homeplate to centerfield of a baseball field?

There is no answer to that question, because there is no one zone that is "centerfield" and if you mean the wall, every park is different, an average park's centerfield wall is about 400 ft the outfield grass starts at about 130 ft, so from abot 200 ft to 400 ft.

What is the exact measurements of a football field without end zones?

In American football, the distance between the goal lines is 300 feet and the distance between the sidelines is 160 feet.

What is the definition of measurements?

The exact dimensions of something

What are the exact measurements of a Humvee in inches?

The exact measurements of a Humvee in inches is 184.5 inches long by 86.5 inches wide. It also has a height of between 77 and 79 inches.

What is the exact measurements for a football ground?

100 yards

What is the standard location of drain for corner shower unit?

Usually in the centre. Check with brand and model of the shower to be installed for exact measurements or check the rough-in manual for the EXACT shower for proper measurements.

What are the measurements of a football field?

by yards

Does a mixture have exact amounts?

Yes, a mixture has exact amounts because if you are making a cake, you need exact measurements.

What are the exact measurements of the 'Mona Lisa' by da Vinci?


What kind of education do real estate developers need?

Real Estate developers should have at least an Associate's degree in Mathematics and Geometry. Construction is a very precise field of work, therefore you need to take exact measurements.

What chemistry instrument provides an exact measurements?

For example is a pH-meter.

Why don't scientists measure in inches?

It could be because they want exact measurements and measuring it in inches could make it harder for them to get the right measurements

What is a baseball field?

A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

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It is important because PRECISE means exact, and exact measurements are important because it tells you the actual measurement of an object, other than to tell you an estimate, not knowing the exact measurement of that object

Where do errors come from In science?

the impossibility of making exact measurementsthe fact that human beings are making the measurements and interpreting them