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Q: What are the environmental risks when playing sport?
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What are some of the risks for playing -young people playing sport in regard to there skeletal system?

There really are no risks playing sports in regard to the skeletal system. Now if your referring to a contact sport than maybe you could get injured and hurt your spine or break and arm etc...

The environmental and health risks associated with ground level ozone are greater than the environmental and health risks associated with the depletion of ozone layer?

No, it is false. The environmental risks with depletion if stratospheric ozone are greater.

What are the risks of playing sport in Alaska?

Freezing to death(risk of playing inside sports Dying faster and colder than freezing to death(Risk of playing outdoor sports.)

What are examples of environmental hygiene risks?

cause infection

What organization looks at the risks of pollution?

Environmental protection agency

Is it possible to minimize ethical concerns and reduce environmental risks while keeping the benefits?

This sounds like a paradoxical proposition; environmental risks are an ethical concern, so a person who is minimizing ethical concerns would not reduce environmental risks; you also have not defined what benefits you are talking about, although at a guess, you probably mean money. Lots of people have made money by minimizing ethical concerns, which is to say, by being completely ruthless and selfish. But this does not involve reducing environmental risks.

Environmental risks of adding antibiotics to cattle feed?

Certain Death

What are the environmental concerns of solar energy?

No there are not any enviromental risks of solar energy.

What are the health and environmental risks of mining bauxite?

you could die from a falling rock...?

What is steeple in business?

Social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical risks present in an enterprise environment. (that is to say, these are external risks)

What are the advantages of alcohol thermometer?

They are cheaper an they don't pose the same environmental risks when broken.

Is golf a safe sport?

It is a relaxed sport if you are not playing competitively and just having fun with friends, but if you get into golf with money or tournament golf it is the most mentally and physically vigorous sport i have ever played,