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what are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person

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Q: What are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person?
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Is confirmation a repeat of baptism?

No. Baptism is the beginning. Most people are baptized just days after birth. There is no conscious awareness then. Confirmation is a reaffirmation of the religion that a person has been practicing most of his or her life. It is supposed to occur when the person is aware of his or her religion and is a very serious commitment in most religions.

What is the process of confirmation?

You become educated about the way of Christian life, then you give a statement of faith, and if you have not been already you are baptized, then you take your first Communion.

When are Lutherans baptized?

lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults. lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults.

What shows that the newly baptized has become a new creation in christ?

The newly baptized are clothed in a white garment, symbolizing the person's new life in Christ.

What does the character of confirmation do for the soul?

The Church sees it as working in conjunction with baptism. A Catholic has to be baptized first, before he can undergo confirmation. If baptism initiates a Catholic into the Church, then confirmation calls on the Holy Spirit to come more fully into the confirmant's life to make him a full, productive member of the faith. The term they often use with confirmation is that confirmants become "soldiers of God" in the rite of confirmation.

Can your godparent be your confirmation sponsor?

Yes indeed, your godparent can be your Confirmation Sponsor. However, your godparent does not have to be your Confirmation Sponsor. It can be anyone who exemplifies leading a good Christian life. You might pick a family member, neighbor, favorite teacher, or if you have a special bond with the person you could even ask a nun or priest. However, this person should be someone you see often throughout your life.

Who baptized Saint Patrick?

no one knows much about his early life until he was about sixteen,so that is a question that we may never know

What is the meaning of sprinkling holy water on casket?

When baptized bywater, the person rose from death of original sin to new life in Christ. Now the person returns to God with new life in heaven forever. Water is the sign of life.

Why receive confirmation?

Confirmation reaffirms a person's faith and membership in the Christian church. It's a personal Pentecost for each individual, relying on the Holy Spirit to provide the necessities for a successful Christian life.

How does confirmation strengthen the church?

Because the Confirmed person vows to remain an active Christian all throughout his/her adult life.

How is Confirmation linked to the life of Jesus?

My friend, confirmation is linked indirectly with Christ's life, for it is a sacrament admitting a baptized person to full participation into some religious organization.Though Christ did organize many churches, namely the seven churches at Rome, it was by the laying on of hands, after baptism, for the gift of the Holy Ghost that one becomes a disciple of Christ and a member of His church..Catholic AnswerConfirmation is the way in which Our Blessed Lord gives you an special outpouring of the Holy Spirit in order to live as a mature Christian.

How does self esteem effects a person socially?

Self Esteem is a greater emotion in the life of a person. It makes a person confident about what he/she is.

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