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You don't really have to have any educational backgrounds except for completing grade school.

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Q: What are the education requirements of being a basketball player?
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What are the requirements for being a professional basketball player?

play good

Are there education requirements for being a professional tennis player?

not as such . but a lot of practice and coaching is needed

The requriment of being a professional basketball player?

There are no requirements of being a professional basketball player aside from going to college for a year. Many people are drafted in the NBA draft, but some people get signed later on too.

Requirements for being a basketball player?

To be an NBA basketball player, all you have to be is 19 by the end of the year in which you are drafted. However, that doesn't mean you will be picked up by a team. To play in collage you must attend the collage and either A: Try out for the team or B: get a basketball scholarship to that school.

What is an open player in basketball?

A player who is not being guarded by a defender.

What is the salary of being a basketball player?

5 million

What are education requirements for a dance instrutor?

there are no official education requirements, however, a dancing background and teacher training will be a key to GETTING the job, and being a GOOD dance instructor.

What are the training education requirements for being an immigration and customs inspector?

There are some specific classes you will need to attend. However, for many of these positions there is no formal education requirements stated.

How was Wilt Chamberlain a hero?

by being a a great basketball player

What is Michael Jordan's legacy?

Being the best Basketball player.

Benefits of being a basketball player?

Benefits of winning the lottery?

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