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A division one team is a team that has shown itself to be proficient enough in Lacrosse to hold it's own against other division 1 teams in the area.

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They can all be found on the NCAA site.

Just go to this link & select sport & division:

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Q: What are the division 1 lacrosse colleges?
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How many division 1 college lacrosse teams were there in 1990?

There are 57 division 1 and 32 division 2 colleges that offer lacrosse scholarships for men. That's a total of 1,009.26 in the NCAA because of the amount of scholarships able to be awarded to students per team is allowed.. There are 83 division 1 colleges and 37 division 2 colleges that offer scholarships for women, a total of 1,211 in the NCAA.

What are the Catholic colleges with girls lacrosse division 1?

notre dame and that is pretty much it, maybe Boston college if they play d1 girls lax

Do many athletes in lacrosse transfer from division 3 to division 1?


Is the Hopkins a collage lacrosse team?

Johns Hopkins University is division 1 lacrosse

Can you give a list of all division 1 colleges in the state of New Jersey?

Division 1-A football colleges in New Jersey: Rutgers Division 1-AA football colleges in New Jersey: Monmouth, Princeton

Division 1 colleges in NY?

New York university is the #1 and the largest private school in the US and is ranked 1st among the division 1 colleges.

How do you play division 2 lacrosse?

With a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball

What division 1 colleges are in Pennsylvania?


What are colleges in Florida that have lacrosse?

Many colleges in Florida have club teams, FSU, UF, and USF. The first NCAA division one school is Jacksonville University who will be playing there first season in the fall of 2010.

Who won the NCAA Men's Lacrosse National Championship in 2007?

Division 1: Syracuse, Division 2: Le Moyne, Division 3: Salisbury

When was ECAC Division II Lacrosse League created?

ECAC Division II Lacrosse League was created in 2012.

Who won the ncaa men's division 1 lacrosse national championship in 1982?