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Q: What are the disadvantages of sport?
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Related questions

What are disadvantages for playing a team sport?

If you're out of shape or you don't know a thing about the sport.

Advantages and disadvantages of sport?

reduce fat

What are the advantages and disadvantages of enchancign drugs in sport?

you will not fuc# .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of continous training in sport?

well if you continue to training is sport you will progress in the sport and will make you stronger and sometimes healthier phisicly but it may take you off track of your normil life

Disadvantages of being a girl and playing sport?

The disadvantages of playing sports as a girl are being stereotyped for one. Also you risk being considered inferior to the males.

What disadvantage of sports?

a few of the disadvantages of sports is that you get tired and you can get really hurt depending on what sport you play

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of sport?

Advantages-- Keeps you fit Gives you something to do Disadvantages You could get hurt or die

What are disadvantages of playing an individual sport?

You dont have any team members to help you. You have more pressure on you when you are playing. And it is just harder.

What are some disadvantages of hockey?

The cost of ice prices. Price is certainly a barrier. Hockey is not a cheap sport, however, when you say disadvantages, it all depends on why you are asking. Hockey is a fast paced sport which helps with excellent conditioning and durability, along with being a team sport, Hockey is notorious for breeding close knit groups of friends. You can have contact and non-contact hockey, depending on your preference and level of play.

Advantages and disadvantages sport?

Advantages: You get exercise If your in school, you might get out early for games Their are a lot of different sports You can hang out with your friends You can got to higher levels such as State or Nationals Disadvantages: You have to do a lot of work You might not be fit for the sport you want to try You might want to play a sport your friends are playing but you don't like that sport You might not get good grades and get ineligable

What are the disavantages of swimming?

There really aren't any disadvantages to swimming. Swimming's a great sport. You loose weight, and it's great for people with joint problems. It gives you great endurance, and swimming is the best all around sport for you.

What possible disadvantages are there when using technology to measure timings in sport?

When you use stopwatches in sport to see how long it take someone to do something, it will take a bit of time (like half a second, which is still alot) to press the STOP button.

What are the disadvantages of being a pro soccer player?

Like most pro athletes, a large amount of time must be spent practicing your sport.

What are the disadvantages of volleyball?

1) injure your self 2) have to wear itchy knee pads 3) (this is a disadvantage to every sport) not making the team

What are the advantages and disadvantages of football?

Advantages are that its a clean sport and you rarely get injured. Disadvantages are that it's a bit boring for some spectators. Soccer players get paid fairly well, and respect (admiration) from the fans, but the media never leaves them alone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having friction in sport?

These are a few of the great many advantages and disadvantages of having friction in sport: Friction allows a running person to stop, change direction, jump, catch a ball, and throw a ball. Friction between a ball and the air limits how far it can be thrown (although gravity has an even greater effect). Runners require energy to overcome the friction between their feet and the ground.

Advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sport in mauritius?

Advantages- You would be helping out the country. Nice hotels and restaurants. Experience a new country and learn about it. Flights from all over the world Good weather, good climate. Many different languages are common there. Disadvantages- limited space and facilities

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a sport in college?

One advantage to playing sports in college is the fact that you will be healthier for it. A disadvantage of playing sports is the fact that your grades may suffer if you don't do it properly.

How are girls sports different from boy sports?

For the most part they aren't different. The only difference is the gender, if your talking specifically a girl sport versus a guy sport. Without naming a specific sport majority of the rules are the exact same 99% of the time. The only difference is size between the two genders. With size comes advantages and disadvantages other than that I don't see any difference

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing softball?

advantages: -it is a very fun sport once you learn it, you will enjoy playing -you become alot closer with your friends that are on your team -it increases your hand eye coordination drastically disadvantages: -it may take 2-3 years to learn how to play and become a good player -it's definitely not a lazy sport. you have to work very hard and try your best. -alot of people make fun of you for playing softball because its a "wimpy" sport. then just tell them they are just jealous they don't have the skills you have. (:

What makes sport a sport?

the type of sport that the sport is

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nickel alloys?

Advantages and disadvantages of nickel

What are the advantages and disadvantages of public finance?

Disadvantages of public finance

What are the disadvantages of gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an awesome sport, gymnasts tend to be very fit and athletic; however, there are many injuries in gymnastics. It is not uncommon for a gymnast to suffer a broken arm, concussion, or othermalady but on occasion gymnasts do get very hurt (ie. paralysis, etc). Also, to be competitive and good at the sport it requires lots of time and subsequently lots of money generally.

Which sport is not considered a group team sport?

The sport of tennis.