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105 x 68 meters for the Olympics.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a Olympic size soccer field?
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How long is an Olympic soccer field?

same size as a foot ball field

Official size of a soccer field?

what is the perimeter and area of a soccer field

Why is a soccer field the size it is?


What is the size of a soccer field in the world cup in meters squared?

There is no single size of a soccer field. There are ranges of acceptable values.

What are the official dimensions of an olympic size trampoline?

10' x 17'

What is the dimensions of a soccer pitch?

the size can be anything, it just has to be quite big...

What is the size of an indoor soccer field?

An indoor soccer field is 180 feet in length and 90 feet in width.

How deep is a full size Olympic swimming pool?

The dimensions of an Olympic size swimming pool is approximately 164ft x 82ft and 6ft deep.Source:

What are the dimensions of a college-sized pool?

Usually regulation Olympic size. approx. 50feet

Can an olympic size pool fit in a football field?

A football field is 120 yards in length. An Olympic size pool is about 55 yards in length. A little more than 2 Olympic sized pools will fit on a football field.

How big are soccer fields?

The size of soccer fields vary. If you are playing in a U12 group or under your soccer field will not be regulation size. If you are playing U13 or higher you play on a regulation size soccer field. The kind pros play on.The field can be as long as 130 yards or as short as 100 yards. The field can be as wide as 100 yards. The minimum width for a field is 50 yards.

Did the Titanic have a soccer field in it?

Well there might have been because of the size of the ship but I do not believe so that there was a soccer field on The Titanic

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