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There are many pool games that can be played on a pool table. Some pool table games include eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, one-pocket, and bank pool.

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Q: What are the different type of pool games that one can play on a pool table?
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What games can you play with a pool table?

You can play spots and stripes, pool, reds and yellows, billiards, snooker

Are pool and billiards the same?

No, they are different games, though you can use the same table.

Should a pool table be slate?

Yes. To be a regulation table it must be slate. To be sure you have a consistent playing surface that is similar to that of a regulation table, it must be slate. A pool table can have a different surface but it should not be expected to be idenitical in play as a slate table.

What is the difference between pool and bracket games in softball?

Often times in a tournament, pool play is a set number of games before you get to "elimination play." Each team is guaranteed the same number of pool play games. For many tournaments your performance/record in pool play determines where you get bracketed for elimination play. Sometimes pool play has different time limit rules than bracket play. As a coach, it is certainly something you need to be aware of.

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

Why is pool table cut off when you play pool on Miniclip?


What is better a football table a hockey table or a pool table?

A hockey table is my opinion.I'd have to say a pool table. Unlike hockey or football, you don't need 2 people to play pool.

How many pool balls on a pool table?

Different numbers for different games. 8-Ball has 15 numbered balls and one cue ball. 9-Ball has 9 balls and one cue ball.

Where can one play Mini Pool 3?

One can play Mini Pool 3 on Free Online Games or Play Free Flash Games, or Mini Pool 3, B2Gaming, Small Games, or Y9 Games. Alternatively you can go to Facebook to play it.

What are the dimensions of a pub pool table?

Most pub pool tables are 7 foot tables. They use the same size pockets as a 9 foot table, only the play area and diamond placement is different. The play area is usually 78 by 39 inches and it has 6 inch rails.

What types of free games can you play on Yahoo?

There are many different types of free games to play on Yahoo including baseball, bowling, pool or poker. There are also different mulitplayer action games or even chess.

Why do you have a pool table?

The major reason people have their own pool table is to be able to play the game at their leisure. Having your own pool table is the most efficient, and in the long run the cheapest, way to practice.

What games should you play at a pool party?

Swimming pool games to play depend on the number of people, their ages and their ability to swim. There are lots of games that can be played in the pool for those who don't want to or can't swim well. Games like pool volleyball or basketball, pool jarts, frisbee games, or badminton. Other pool games include relay games and diving games.

How do you find info on a 4 foot round slate and marble pool table with one off center hole how do you play it?

its called a bumper pool table but im not sure how to play.

What is 4gg softball?

I means "guaranteed games". (Pool play + elimination play.) If the tournament is a double elimination then you will have 2 pool play game for a guarantee of 4 games.

When you play pool games only three quarters of the table is visible - the right 2 pockets are cut off which makes it hard to play?

Many games have setting that have to be adjusted for the screen size in the settings or options at the games beginning. You can look to see if that will help

What things can you do with your girlfriend tomorrow at home no watching movies picnic playing games or anything like that something cute though?

if you have a pool table at your hoouse you could play pool. my boyfriend and i had a great time playing that.

How do you get to play pool on gameshow island?

go tot he dj club then click on the pool table

Can you use felt from Joans for a pool table?

No. Pool table felt is a specialized felt designed specifically for pool tables. There are many variations of table felt and each will react differently with the balls, and each has a differnt lifespan on the table. Use of felt not designed for pool table use will result in poor play at best, and will quickly be destroyed at worst.

How do you play for free on a pay pool table?

keep winning

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

Fun games to play at a party?

you can play games you can play in the pool is Marco polo, chicken, shark, and you mite culd play volly ball idk . games u can play outside the pool volly ball, race, and many more

Are there shuffleboard tables that fit on top of billiard tables?

No. Shuffleboard tables are intended to have a much lower play area than would result if they were placed on top of a pool table. Most shuffleboard tables could be placed on top of a pool table, but the pool table professionals would recommend against this if you want to maintain the pool table properly.

Games with a specific type of table?

foosball, ping pong, pool

Where can one purchase pool table lighting products?

Pool table lighting products are best purchased from specialist lighting retailers or from games supply companies such as GamePlus. They can ensure the lighting is best matched to the table.