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The swimming strokes are:Frontcrawl,Butterfly ,Backstroke and breastroke

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Q: What are the different swimming style?
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How many events are there in 'free style' swimming competition?

How many events are there in 'free style' swimming competition

What is both a swimming style and an insect?

The Butterfly Stroke in swimming

What is the history of the elementary backstroke?

Backstroke or back crawl is one of the four swimming styles used in competitive events regulated by FINA, and the only one of these styles swum on the back. This swimming style has the advantage of easy breathing, but the disadvantage of swimmers not being able to see where they are going. It also has a different start from the other three competition swimming styles. The swimming style is similar to an upside down front crawl or freestyle. Both backstroke and front crawl are long-axis strokes. In individual medley backstroke is the second style swum; in the medley relay it is the first style swum.

Are Akita's feet webbed?

The Akita, a dog of Japanese decent, does have webbed feet. This makes their swimming style different than that of a typical dog. However, they do not like swimming and will only go into the water if necessary.

Why do you need several key elements of fitness in swimming?

Because you need stamina, and style - you use lots of different muscles in you body!

Who invented backstroke swimming?

Backstroke is an ancient style of swimming owes most of what it has to Harry Hebner.

What is both an insect and a swimming style?

The butterfly.

Which insect is a swimming style designated?

The butterfly.

What are the five events of swimming?

free style,back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and underwater swimming

What are different kind of floating in swimming?

floating is floating and swimming is swimming

What is the most common swimming stroke?

free style

Who holds the world record for swimming and when was it set?

There are many records for swimming. This is because there are many different swimming strokes. They were also set at different times.

Types of swimming?

Swimming can be competitive or recreational (also: synchronized swimming) Competitive swimming is divided into four different strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, and butterfly. These can be combined in different lengths to create many swimming events.

Who invented the swimming style now known as the freestyle?


Which exercise trains the whole parts of the body?

swimming. butterfly style.

Who invented the swimming technique now known as free style?


What is the best walking shoe for men?

Different types of shoes can be used for different activities such as walking,running,swimming, or doing other sport activities. There are also just style shoes that men can wear. Almost any shoe is good for walking comfortably.

I need info on swimming lessons in the Atlanta area.?

There are many different parks that you can take your children to in Atlanta to have swimming lessons. There are also different gyms that you can take your children to learn swimming lessons.

What is the symbal for swimming area?

There could be many different symbols. It probably looks like a person swimming. It could be different though.

When did you start swimming?

I started swimming when I was 6 years old. It will be different for everyone.

How many calories are burned when free-style swimming?

about 900 calories an hour

If you weigh 72 pounds and you are 5'8 how many calories would you burn swimming per hour?

Depends how much effort you put into it and what swimming style your doing.

How many different types of swimming is there?

There are many types of swimming. There are 4 official swimming strokes. They are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

How long is a swimming pool in m?

depends on the swimming pool. they are all different sizes

What style of work did David Hockney do?

he was an artist from Bradford and liked to paint swimming pools.