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The green dot is the result of a new rule in effect for the 2007 NFL season. The green dot helmet indicates that the helmet is wired with a radio for calling in plays to the quarterback.

Only one player with a radio is allowed on the field at a time.

The green dot on a helmet signifies a player who has a radio receiver in his helmet.

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Teams wear numbers on the back of the helmets to honor players who have passed away. All teams in the NFL this week are wearing a '21' on their helmets to honor former Redskins safety Sean Taylor who was murdered a few days back.

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your question does not make any sense. May be you want to know what are the symbols on each helmet in the NFL.

Here they are :-

Arizona: the head of the bird called (Cardinal)

Atlanta: the feather of the falcon

Baltimore: the head of the raven with the letter {B}

Buffalo: a Buffalo

Carolina: the head of a panther

Chicago: the letter {C}

Cincinnati: the skin of a Bengal

Cleveland: plain orange color

Dallas: a star

Denver: a head of a wild horse {bronco}

Detroit: a lion

Green Bay: the letter {G}

Houston: a head of a bull with a small star in it

Indianapolis: a colt shoe

Jacksonville: a head of a jaguar

Kansas City: Indian arrow with KC on it

Miami: a dolphin

Minnesota: a horn of a viking helmet

New England: a patriot playing the drum

New York Giants: the letter {G}

New York Jets: emblem with the word Jets

New Orleans: it is like a crusade symbol or a scout symbol

Oakland: a pirate

Philadelphia: a wing of an eagle

Pittsburgh: emblem with three 4 headed stars yellow, red and blue

Saint Louis: a head of a ram

San Diego: a bolt

San Francisco: oval emblem with the letters SF on it

Seattle: a head of a sea hawk

Tampa Bay: a pirate

Tennessee: titan

Washington: a head of an Indian

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It means that the helmet with the green dot has the radio equipment in it and only the QB may have that.

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Q: What are the different stickers on the NFL helmet?
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