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lay ups

free throws


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Q: What are the different drill in basketball?
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What is the star drill in basketball?


What is a dribbling drill in basketball?

A drill to become a better dribbler with the basketball as doing a figure eight dribble and walking at the same time with your head up.

How do you say drill in Spanish when talking about a basketball practice drill like a layup drill?

Translation: Ejercicio -- Although for a specific type of "drill" you should consult with individuals in the field.

What is a good dribbling drill in basketball?

two ball dribble.

How many different tools use drill bits?

The only tool that uses drill bits is a drill. There are, however, many different types of drill bits. The drill bits vary by material, size, shape, and function.

Where basketball workout?

Do suicides its a basketball drill that builds lung strength as well as leg muscle and speed/ agility just goolge suicide basketball drills

What is a variable speed drill?

This variable speed drill is for drilling different diameter chose different speeds. Workpiece material in the drill speed is important.

Is a drill a screw?

No, a drill is different. A screw has regular threads and is screwed into material, a drill cuts holes.

What does a high school drill team do?

A high school drill team is like advanced They are basically dancers. For pep rallies, football and basketball games.

What is the best drill to teach explosiveness when hitting in softball?

The drill I love to when I teach is that you take a basketball or soccer ball and put it on a tee and have the girl/guy hit it.

Is a pillar drill the same as a column drill?

Yes ,they are the same, just different names.

What is an easy basketball shooting drill?

shoot farther away till you cant make it anymore

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