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whats better dirt bikes or race cars

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Q: What are the differences of dirt bikes and race cars?
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What is common in dirt bikes and race cars?


How are dirt bikes and race cars alike?

They both have wheels

Can you race 100cc dirt bikes against 125cc dirt bikes in a race?

yes its called an open class

Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?

No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

Do 2009 dirt bikes have keys?

the trail bikes do. not the race ones.

How old do kids have to be to race dirt bikes?


What is a motocross track?

A race track for dirt bikes.

What age can you race dirt bikes at?

this is a sport for all ages

How many cars or bikes race at one time in a drag race?


What is the difference between a motocross and a dirt bike as seem classified in different categories?

That is kind of a tricky question. Dirt bikes encompass any bike that is ridden off road plus what are known as dual sport bikes. Most of the manufacturers categorize their dirt bikes as motocross or off road. Basically "dirt bikes" break down like this; 1) Motocross race bikes and woods race bikes. These are both liquid-cooled bikes with aluminum frames and racing suspension (compression and rebound settings, long travel, etc.), the woods race bikes just have some minor changes such as a wider gear ratio, a heavier fly wheel, bigger tank, lights, softer spring rate, etc. 2) Trail/play bikes. These bikes have air-cooled engines, steel frames and much less suspension than the race bikes. 3) Dual Sport bikes. This category is everything from Woods race bikes with a dual sport kit installed to make them street legal to production dual sport bikes such as the Honda XR650L and BMW 650GS.

How do race cars charge the batterys?

Depends on what kind of Race Car. Circle Dirt Track Race Cars Between races. Asphalt cars have alternators. Race cars have alternators that keep the battery charged while racing. Some dirt track cars have alternators some asphalt cars don't have alternators. Need more specifics.

What is a motocross bike?

a racing dirtbike. there are 3 main kinds of dirt bikes: trail bikes, pit bikes, and competition bikes. there is factors and differences between each other. a motocross bike would have an adjustable suspension, no electric or key start, usually all kick, they are more powerful and are built to race, faster, has a harder stiffer taller seat. disk brakes always.

What is is motocross?

Motocross is when people race on an outdoor track using dirt bikes. Course rarely has grandstands not allowing spectators to see the whole race.

Where is the stator on a dirt bike?

usually on the right side on the engine, there is a kikstart. most dirtbikes dont have electric start. trail bikes do mostly but race bikes dont.

Facts about dirt bikes?

drift race ride your hellmit

What is faster around race tracks cars or bikes?

cars are faster because they have all the engines and motors, bikes on the other hand only have the concept of pedalling unless its a motor bike then it would be as fast as a car.

How much do dirt bikes cost?

Depends on what you are looking for. Used or new, small or large, woods or motocrosser. You can pick up a decent used dirt bike for as little as $1500, while new race bikes can run close to, and some over, $10,000.

What was NASCAR like in the 1950's?

They used to race on dirt tracks, and they had bad cars.

What classes can a 13-year-old enter in motocross quad racing?

They would have to be in a 90 cc class or lower to race quads. But you can be any age to race dirt bikes.

What kinds of dirtbikes are there?

The types of dirt bikes are race bikes, freestyle, off road (cross country and desert), dual sport and play bikes. Some of the different manufacturers are:Aprilia, BMW, CCM, Cobra, Ducati,, Gas Gas, Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Polini, Suzuki, TM Racing, Vertemati, VORand Yamaha that are all active dirt bike manufacturers. There are also numerous companies that no longer manufacture dirt bikes.

Are all bmx bikes the same?

No. First there are differences between intended usage, a race bike is lighter and not as strong as a vert/dirt bike. Then there are difference between brands, some preferring certain characteristics, other preferring something else.

What is a Dirtbike?

If you have never owned a dirt bike its a motorcycle made for off road and not on road purposes but you may change the tires to go on road. Once you get better you can race one another, free ride, or do free style. I recommend free ride once you get used to the bike. There are also different dirt bikes for example: 50cc, 70cc, 80cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc. There are also two different kinds of dirt bikes, Trail and Racing. Trial dirt bikes are for the mountains and free ride but not made for racing they also go slower than racing dirt bikes. Racing Dirt bikes are made for racing and are way faster than trail bikes. There are also 4stroke dirt bikes and 2stroke dirt bikes. 2 strokes take oil in there gas and way faster than four strokes and 4 strokes take regular gas. I was at the trake once with a kid with a 2stroke and I have a 4stroke 80cc and course he beat me to a race not because I'm not bad because I have been riding for about 4 or 5 years its because he had a 2 stroke. but the kid did have more skill than I did because he did actual races. sometimes its not how big the bike is its how much skill you have

What is the best dirt bike to race in the 125cc motocross class?

There is no best 125cc and any of the known brand bikes can win a race. It depends upon the rider and the bike set up

What size bmx fame is suitable for a 11 year old?

20" or 24" wheel bikes may be suitable. 24" bikes will be better for getting around but are not true BMX's (street trick or dirt race bikes) True BMX bikes are measured in Top Tube Length- all BMX's hav00e approximately the same standover. 24" BMX bikes are considered "dirt cruisers" with the exception of a handful of street trick bikes made for adults over 6'

Why do race cars race?

If race cars didn't race they wouldn't be race cars.