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if you mean swords alot

there are three swords of moddern Fencing.




Foil is a stabbing weapon that the target is the torso it was used as a training weapon for epee in the 18 hundreds.

Sabre is a cuting weapon that the target is the waist up. it is the only cutting weapon in fencing today Sabre is faster weapon than foil and epee and is more attacking than defending.

Epee is a stabbing weapon that the target is all of the body.epee has no right of way so who ever hits first gets the point.

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2011-09-13 20:13:13
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Q: What are the differences between the equipment used in fencing?
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Those interested in the sport of fencing can find used or inexpensive equipment at many sites on the web. These sites include major e-commerce options such as Amazon and eBay.

What are the differences between materials and equipment and tools?

The differences between materials, equipment, and tools are in the way they are used, acquired, and maintained. Materials are consumed constantly, while tools and equipment require periodic repair or replacement.

What type of sword is used in Olympics fencing?

There are three types of sword used in fencing, and all three are used in Olympic fencing. The types are: Sabre Epee Foil

How many different use's are there for a fencing sword?

A fencing sword should only be used for the sport that it was made for- fencing.

What type of Paint is used for plywood used as fencing?

The type of paint used for the plywood used as fencing is latex-based primer.

Sword used in the sport of fencing?

There are three types of swords used in fencing: An Epee, Foil, or Sabre.

What are fencing swords?

The fencing sword is used to hit things with it. Like your enemy's.

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What are the names of the three weapons used in fencing and what are their respective target areas?

what are the three names of the weapons used in the fencing?

What is the name of a sword used in fencing?

There are three types of fencing blades, each for a different type of fencing. They are foil, sabre, and epee.

How do you make fencing foils?

This question is not clear. Fencing is a sport. A foil on a sword used in fencing. There is also epee's and sabre's. What are you tryin to ask.

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