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Bmx is riding a bike usually a Bmx bike while Skateboarding is riding on a piece of wood with wheels.

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BMX is bike skateboarding is skateboarding.

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Q: What are the differences between bmxing and skateboarding?
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What is the difference between bmxing and skateboarding and the similarities?

the differences between bmxing and skateboarding, are that bmxing is done using a bike, like extreme bike riding. skateboarding is done on a board the consists of 4 wheels. the similarities are that you can preform ticks on either one.

Why is skateboarding so cool?

Its better than bmxing and/or fruit booting, those are wack sports, skateboarding is amazing!

What are some extreme sports?

skateboarding,bmxing,mountainbiking,surfing,rock clibming,skydiving,bungejumping

What are examples of some extreme sports?

Some extreme sports would be skateboarding, BMXing, rollerblading and of that such.

What are the differences between skateboarding and basketball?

Two totally different sports.

What game does iPod 2nd gen have?

temple run , stick man skateboarding,snowboarding , bmxing , all games that are not that new

What is the differences between Nike dunks and Nike sb?

Not to mention that they are made specificaly for skateing, hence the SB (skateboarding).

What is bmxing?

bmxing is when you ride a bmx bike and do stunts :)

How long has bmxing been in the Olympics?

he has been bmxing scince 1998

Why is bmxing not in the Olympic sport?

Because BMXing is for chavs and here in England we are not chavs.

What is bmxing in Irish?


What is the different between skateboarding and skiing?

There's obvious differences... 1. Terrain - Skiing is in the snow. Skateboarding is on Concrete. 2. Skiing is skiing, you ski, two legs on skis...And now your skiing. Skateboarding, you push, roll, grind, ollie, flip tricks, transfers...Its just way more awesome than skiing.

Is bmxing a Olympic sport?


What is better skateboards or bmx?


Can free style bmxing be a career?


Has anyone ever died bmxing?

yes i have

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

What is the difference between a dirt bike and BMXing?

dirt bikes you twist throttle bmx you pedle. dirtbikes you have a motor not in bmx

What is the difference between skateboarding then and skateboarding now?

lots of differences. for one the board was smaller and thinner. also it did not have a nose or tail, which is what people mainly use to create tricks. also the style. alot of the skaters then were surfer dudes and now there are a whole melting pot full of different types of cultures

What is more popular skateboarding or basketball?

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

I am good at skateboarding and bmxing but I want choose one to focus on but love them both so which ones cooler and impress's girls more?

skateboarding. you can always arrive or leave on a skateboard so girls will see you on it constantly and you can show off your moves. BMX is cool but its not fun to hear you talk about it and a girl would have to go to a competition or park with you before she could see how cool you are on it

How has biology helped society?

by bmxing and being kool

Are most bikers emo?

if you mean BMXing bikers then, No.

How do you say bmxing in French?

It's the same in French.

Is skate boarding better than bmxing?

Bmxing is way better cos you can eat a lolly at the same time whereas if your on a scateboard you need both your hands