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They are called "stages" in English, "étapes" in French.

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Q: What are the day races called in the tour de France?
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How does the tour de France compare to other international cycling races?

The Tour de France is oldest and most prestigious Grand Tour. There are three Grand Tours: the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espania. The format is generally the same for each. After these three races, other races are generally shorter (either one day or multiple days) and have less teams/riders participating.

What is greatest cycle races of the world?

Well theres the Tour de France, which just ended. The Giro d'Italia. The Dauphine Libere. Then there are one-day classics, like Paris-Roubaix. There are lots of great cycling races in the world. Hope this helps.

In which famous race is the slowest man of the day given a red lantern?

Tour de France Tour de France

Is the Paris - Roubaix a lead up to the Tour De France?

No! It's a one day race, totally different to the Tour de France. its one of the 5 one day monuments of cycling (the others being Milan - San Remo, Tour of Flanders, lLege - Bastogne - Liege and the tour of Lombardy). Its also one of the spring classics. These races favour totally different cyclists to the grand tours, to the extent that grand tour contenders may not race in the classics.

What does the word stage mean when referring to the Tour de France?

The TdF is a multi-day event, and the race distance for each day is called a stage.

How many miles are cycling races?

It can vary a lot. The average professional road race will be from 120km - 180km. That is for something like the Tour de France or any other tour. There are also one-day specials like: Paris Roubaix, which is a 250km race over the hard cobblestones of France. It goes for 5 hours.

Bastille day falls during the running of which famous sporting event in France?

Tour de France

What is present-day France called?

"Present-day" means right now. France is called France now.

What sporting activity does France host annually?

The Tour de France, a 23-day-long bicycling race.

How far do people travel each day in the Tour De France?

one inch >:(

2009 Tour de France versus code word day one?


How do you win in every stages in tour d france?

By being fastest, every day.

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